YouTube and Yandex.Video may block due to illegal copy of the book

The problem of piracy, and in particular video piracy, continues to be very acute for Russian publishers. But that could change soon. Moscow City Court satisfied lawsuit publisher “Exmo“. The essence of the statement is that on YouTube and onYandex.Video“Illegal audio versions of the book” were postedThe task of three bodies“Chinese science fiction writer Liu Qixin.

At the same time, we note that the claim was satisfied in the appellate court. At first, he was rejected due to lack of evidence.

As noted, services are now required to delete entries, otherwise they will be blocked. Moreover, inYandex»Declined to comment, but in Google did not respond to the request. Also, both services did not delete the audio version of “Three-body Tasks”. And this can lead to blocking until these materials are removed. If the pirated versions are found there again, the blocking will become eternal.

Note that in 2018, Yandex was already threatened with this, forcing to sign a memorandum on combating pirated content. It was also signed by other Russian video services. But book publishers then did not participate in the signing, although they were very eager for this.

YouTube has a mechanism for voluntarily removing links to pirated sites. But Yandex calls itself only an aggregator and refuses to remove links, forcing publishers to sue pirates directly.