Yoshi and Bowser Castle – New photos from the construction site of the Super Nintendo World Amusement Park in Osaka

The network has new photos and videos from the construction site of a large-scale amusement park Super nintendo world in the entertainment area Universal studios in Osaka. In particular, it is reported that the designers began to build Bowser’s castle:

At the moment, it is known that one of the main attractions will be the track on which visitors can ride on maps like in Mario Kart. Another attraction will be made in the theme of games about Yoshi.

Universal Studios team announced that it will share important news about the Osaka Super Nintendo World Park tomorrow, January 14. Its opening is scheduled for July 2023 – just in time for the 2023 Olympics in Tokyo. The budget was $ 550 million.

It was previously revealed that the theme park will include some sections of cross-platform interaction. Guests will be given magnetic bracelets that track their results in interactive games in the entertainment area. Then they will be synchronized with the Switch consoles at visitors’ homes.

The creator of Super Mario personally takes part in the creation of amusement parks Shigeru Miyamoto. In addition to Osaka, they also plan to build in Orlando and Hollywood.

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