Yo-ho-ho, and the space pirates: Warframe gets new Call of the Tempestarii expansion

Studio Digital Extrems announced the release of a major add-on for its shareware online action game Warframewhich is called Call of the tempestarii (“Call of TempestariThe project can be viewed on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

As the chief operating officer of Digital Extremes told Sheldon Carter, the release of the update marked a new stage in the development of the entire Warframe project, because the emphasis is on the further expansion of the gameplay segment dedicated to the study of outer space.

Players will embark on a dangerous adventure after the AI ‚Äč‚Äčinterceptor ship type “Railjack“(Railjack) catches a mysterious beacon signal. The reaper of death will be at the center of the story – Warframe Sevagoth

Using his destructive abilities, the player fills a special scale, after which you can activate the second form of the warframe, which is called Shadow… In addition, several new Prime Tier Warframes have been added, providing additional incentive to explore the dangerous world of Warframe.

Simultaneously with the release of Call of the Tempestarii, an add-on became available Corpus Proxima and the New Railjack (“Proxima Corps and New RailjackThe developers have updated gameplay mechanics, as well as simplified space travel and grinding. Players can now hire an AI crew to complete single-player missions, as well as launch their exoskeletons into outer space to board enemy ships.

Call of the Tempestarii is just the beginning. Throughout 2023, Digital Extremes will continue to release additional content and gradually open up access to new space battles.

Separately, the developers announced the release of an update for the next generation consoles. They especially praise the Xbox Series X | S version.

Warframe now supports real-time dynamic lighting and volumetric shadows. The game looks much better thanks to 4K resolution and stable operation at 60fps.

Xbox One players will be able to play with friends who bought Xbox Series X | S without any problems. And subscribers Xbox Game Pass get free DLC Excalibur jade bundle (“Jade Excalibur“), which for everyone else costs $ 19.99:

  • Excalibur Jade Skin;
  • Jade Excalibur figurine;
  • Jade skin for the Tonkor grenade launcher (including the weapon itself);
  • Jade skin for the Liset landing ship;
  • Daedalus Jade Armor;
  • Jade seal “Kapala”;
  • Increase in Synthesis points earned for seven days.

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