First look at the new game from the creators of Runaway and The Next BIG Thing.

A short demo version (in fact – the two locations, and about an hour of play) Yesterday Origins made me think of two things. Firstly, it would be time pereproyti original Yesterday, because its release has passed many years, the story was forgotten, and because it is directly related to its sequel. Secondly, Yesterday Origins surprisingly nice looks alive. I do not know why, but the first screenshots caused incomprehensible rejection. And now it all fell into place.

Impressions of Yesterday Origins

The most important thing that I saw in the demo – a strong desire to Pendulo and, obviously, make Microids quest, in which it is convenient to play on a gamepad. What’s more fun: at the startup screen advises to play it on the controller, a demo version of my controller on the Xbox 360 not found. Or – at least – is not connected to it on the fly. To release, obviously, it will be fixed, because Yesterday Origins comes out not only on PC, but also on the Xbox One and PS4.

What is the peculiarity of the local interface? If we want to see closer the object, at which there are a few hotspots, it is entirely to see it do not give: first, offering literally every millimeter of view of the object, the cursor dragging the camera from one end to the other. Along the way light important points, and with whom to interact. It is obvious that such an approach would be useful on the console, but with a mouse in his hand like a little … strange perceived.

Impressions of Yesterday Origins

The rest is classic point’n’click-adventure – with beautiful locations, where there are many objects, with the dialogue with the need to solve these puzzles. Despite the desire of developers to please as wide an audience as possible, Pendulo not rolled into primitivism Telltale. For example, in the first location you will need to get the guard to throw a mug into a pig (do not ask). It sounds like a typical “ridiculous” task, but in fact the first hour Yesterday Origins makes a very good impression of logic and harmony puzzles.

By the way, an interesting point: in addition to the items we collect in your inventory information. In the literal sense – information about, say, the habits of a character. For example, we understand that we need to do with any object, and the hero – not yet. Apply at the site of “thought” against whom all this planned event – and please, you’re done!

Impressions of Yesterday Origins

I would like to mention the schedule. Three-dimensional models of characters can hardly be called ideal, but they at least are not afraid, as so often happens in many other quests, where all is well, only here to look at the NPC without tears impossible. But the backgrounds I really liked. Coupled with the proprietary feature Yesterday Origins – a separate window is opened for each new inspection of an object or NPC – a local picture looks very stylish. Engine – Unity, but Yesterday Origins then you will not tell! Everything is stable, clean and pretty.

the future and the present, has only one chance to make a first impression on you. Personally, I do everything I saw in the demo was pleasant, except for two important points: the management, after all, is very specific, and how good the story, try one hour of the game is very difficult. Nevertheless, we hope for the best. Exit Games is scheduled for October 13, so it’s time to brush up on events Yesterday is still there.