Yesterday Origins

The Origins main character again becomes John Yestedey – immortal expert on the occult, satanic rituals, and other matters. About eternal life surely the dream of many, but John held every revival did not go as smoothly as we would like.

Returning from the dead, he forgets everything that happened in a past life. But his girlfriend Pauline from this disease do not suffer – the memory does not lose, no matter how much dying.

The second part called Origins ulterior motive – to learn more about John’s past, we go already in the XV century, when the Spanish Inquisition accused of witchcraft and the hero was preparing to torture.

The plot is constantly jumping from one era to another, but if in some other games, such storytelling only confuses the player and disturbs the narrative pace (Of Beyond: of Two Souls ), here each episode perfectly linked to another.

It is worth to find an object in the present, as here we are transferred to five hundred years ago, and clearly explain what happened with John, and why is it important for him.

Gameplay in this era are not much different. And here and there will have to communicate with different characters to learn all of the room, pick up useful objects and solve puzzles. There are many dialogues, so that fans of great stories learn a lot about the characters and their past.

Moreover, each character can be considered literally from all sides to hear opinions about it or John Pauline, what makes this ingenious and attractive couple is even more alive. Unlike the original, Origins in the Russian version is not completely localized, but let’s be honest – the sale we obviously would not cover the cost of dubbing.

The console version of the game deprived of the opportunity to drive a cursor on the screen – instead, the objects with which you can interact with are highlighted, if the protagonist looks at them. When such items are many, you can switch between using the stick.

Such a system is not very convenient, because the characters are sometimes very reluctant to turn – John stands with his back to the table and try to expand it, but he refuses. We have to move away, turning a hero to the other side and closer to the desired point again.

Yesterday Origins review

Between the characters often have to switch – all interested in different things.

But otherwise there is no problem with the management. All found things fall in your inventory at the bottom of the screen, and there is placed the important information, such as individual phrases of dialogue or memories. All this plays a great role in solving the puzzles, as the use of some objects on the other it is limited not always.

Often, you need not only to combine items in your inventory, but also to “explain” game logic of their actions. You took a pen – but why? To write. Write on what? On paper.

What exactly? The pass code. Such puzzles here are not present (in the quests is better to do without spoilers), but the bottom line you will surely understand.

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Another advantage of Origins against other adventure – an opportunity to twist in all active objects hands. This often allows you to go further on the subject, if the player for a long time stuck in despair clicks on everything.

Box it should be possible to open, and if you study the camera, it becomes clear that there is not enough memory card. Of course, the use of anything and everything in the entire row – also a reasonable solution, but the vast majority of puzzles in the game are logical and do not require such an approach.

Interestingly, one object may be a few active points. In normal statue, for example, there are about a dozen, but you can not interact directly with them.

You must click on the statue and open a separate window in which it is raised, and the need to drive over the points the cursor from one to another.

Because of this, often spend extra time (you need to use an object on a pedestal, and you go from the top), but it is not such a significant disadvantage. Plus, sometimes the characters recite various comments, if several times to click on the same point.