XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

in a series of games XCOM strangers usually are brought exclusively impersonal killing machines, different habits but only combat abilities. The biggest additions XCOM 2: War of the Chosen , built in the main game, we have almost the first time we see an enemy with a human face, as though it may sound unnatural against the aliens …

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Game Review

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Talk less, work more!

The first and most important innovation War of the Chosen – the emergence of three “bosses”, Chosen, resembling a cross between a dark elf with strangers.

They have emotions – they quarrel (because only one alien masters, Elders, promised to give possession of the entire Earth), psycho and regularly communicate with us, intimidating, threatening, ornichaya and uttering pretentious speech about his power and how do we unforgivable hurt. And when we do hurt them more and complain received scars and promised revenge.

This is definitely a game animates. Well, in general in the War of the Chosen everyone became very talkative: and on the map, and in the compartments of “The Avengers”, and on the missions our ears are constantly attacking well voiced lengthy remarks and messages.

Rattle in the air after a while begins to even annoying, especially if another vicious monologue Favorites unmissable. But, thank God, the conversations in the ranks is not limited to – all three alien “bosses” are inserted regularly, we spoke in the wheel and tactical battles, and on the global map.

Selected prevent

Each elected controls its own zone on the territory of the Earth, and during the execution of tactical operations in this region it is likely that he will honor us with his presence, greatly complicating the task. After all, every one of them – especially the powerful “unit”, with lots of health, unique abilities and bonuses.

One of them, killer, constantly teleports, periodically becomes invisible, causing his katana huge melee damage and puts on our charges nasty things like blindness or stun. Another hunter, accurately firing from the “sniper” through polkarty.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Game Review

The effectiveness of fighter development here is largely determined by the level of its combat intelligence.

The situation is complicated by the fact that there are new types of enemies, like pilgrims, performing the role of local zombies – they run together in crowds to the roar of gunfire and explosions.

And when, during the next mission you have to simultaneously keep up to mark loads of materials until they were dragged off the aliens, to fend off dozens of mutants from the “Advent” soldiers, and even try to go through a very unpleasant encounter with a murderer who persistently terrorizing squad and already dumped your best ranger, you know – this is the real hardcore!

Well at least, each of the Elect is not only their strengths but also weaknesses (both are assigned “randomly”). My Killer, for example, received an increased damage of the third attack in a single stroke, and Hunter – from explosions. In general, you can combat them. But evil individuals do not die, and return to their lair, quickly heal the wound, and hurry back to us again mischief.

goes hunting

To finally deal with each of the Chosen, you find it very lair, and it will have to perform on the global map several successive secret assignments. The last pass without your personal involvement – you just go there and wait for the results of the fighters.

But in search of refuge need a lot of time and a very “pumped” fighters – for the final secret mission to detect Killer demanded of me to send on a mission of at least a major. Until then, the “bosses” you spoil a lot of blood, and at a strategic level – here, they regularly organize sabotage, reducing the level of income from the regions and hunt on ourselves.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Game Review

“Avenger” should be called differently – “Figaro” …

Enemies gradually accumulate knowledge about our location that displays a special scale of progress. And when it reaches the maximum (in my case the missing information Killer pulled out of the head of one of the soldiers directly in the battle), the captain will try to capture.

There is a War of the Chosen and other aggravating circumstances. During the execution of sensitive tasks have the risk of being ambushed or even in captivity – have disembarrass their fighters. In addition, operatives XCOM had such option as fatigue. Burnt hot fight, they like this are less effective, easier to mental attacks and more susceptible to panic. Therefore, to form a “imbalanced” -otryad and carry them all the important tasks will not work – you need to periodically give all sleep and rest.