The past 2012, 2K and Firaxis Games surprised to strangers with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the return of one of the most important sagas in the history of turn-based strategy that turned out to be one of the best titles, not only of its kind , but also globally in recent years, honoring both the original games amen adapt the brand to this new era, providing its own personal touch.

The next day February 5, 2016, will come its sequel, XCOM 2 , a title with which companies intend to continue on the path of success trying to overcome the formula of its first delivery, trying to improve the formula at the playable level, but without giving up to the difficulty and


characteristics that have characterized the XCOM of all life. The title places us 20 years after the events of Enemy Unknown, assuming that we have lost the war against the aliens and that, on this occasion, instead of defending ourselves from the invading force, what we


have to do is go on the offensive to fight the evil organization ADVENT and to reconquer our planet thanks to the courage of our soldiers and our ability to manage our resources and to act on the battlefield.

XCOM 2 (PC) screenshot

So, let’s go in parts, because one of the things that Firaxis and 2K have done with this new delivery is, precisely, to give more prominence to management and our decisions outside of pure combat. Our command center will be the Avenger ship, in which we will have to manage our personnel, carry out investigations that allow us to be closer to our objectives in the campaign


or that allow us to access new weapons or material that will be extremely useful at the moment of face our enemy in addition to having to prioritize between collecting resources, or recruiting new soldiers, scientists or engineers, or get in touch with other cells, with other guerrillas, to expand our network, have more resources and stop, in a way more effective, the plans of the alien forces. With this,

The next important decision we have to make, when preparing for our battles, is precisely to think what troops we are going to send to the race.


As it happened with the previous delivery, the life of each soldier counts, there being no going back if we lose a unit with a lot of experience in the battlefield, that already has extensive knowledge in its specialty. Speaking of these, we find up to five specialties that, in turn, can be customized, rank to rank, with different skills that will allow them to fulfill different roles.


Among these specialties we will find some old acquaintances, such as the commando or the sniper. The latter, especially, has undergone several changes thanks to which it will be much more functional and useful on the battlefield than in the first game.

XCOM 2 (OSX) screenshot

but also for all the possibilities we have to customize, our troops, visually, with a single manager in a strategy game. If you put these three factors together, the units that will go to the battlefield with all its variants, the possibilities with your team


and the ability to customize them visually, the result is overwhelming and unique, being a delight for, above all, the players more retailers and, moreover, assuming a substantial difference in the battlefield if we choose the soldiers and the right team in the right mission.

Once we launch ourselves, finally, to combat, one of the main differences that we will see will be that of the concealment with which we will begin a good part of the missions. On this occasion Firaxis bet more on ambushes, inviting players to think even more about each move to be able to place themselves in a strategic position that allows them to ambush the enemy.


This part works well, but, it would have been appreciated that one of the characteristic features of our units, called Guardia (which allows us to shoot our enemy if it makes any movement in our field of vision) would work when we are still hidden from the enemy. This would have given a bit more packaging to this new tactic that XCOM 2 brings us to.