Xbox One owners will not be abandoned: Microsoft will not stop releasing new games on older consoles after the release of Xbox Series X

Game Division Microsoft confirmed that all new games Xbox Game Studios in the next two years will be released immediately on Xbox One, Xbos Series X and PC. This is reported by the publication VG247.

The platform holder stressed that he does not want to put an ultimatum in front of the audience and offer them new games only on the Xbox Series X. This strategy is at odds with Sony’s approach, whose studios have completely switched to Playstation 5.

“We want every Xbox user to play new games,” Spencer said.

“This is why the Xbox Game Studios games we release in the next couple of years, such as Halo: Infinite, will be available on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. We won’t force you to jump straight to Xbox Series X for the new Xbox -exclusives “.

The xCloud cloud service will also officially work in the fall, which will allow launching Xbox games on mobile platforms. The offer will be included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – iOS and Android users can stream hundreds of games from the catalog to their devices at no additional cost. Going forward, Microsoft wants to bring xCloud “to every screen”.

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