Worms WMD:best worms game

Despite being twenty-two years old and has more than twenty titles, the best worms game  series today has many less fans than in the past: there are fewer players online, but it’s not a big deal if you have a friend to share with sofa, since Worms is one of the best elbow-proof party games ever made.


Enthusiasts who remained loyal to the franchise had to contend with the innovations that the British guys at Team 17 desperately tried to implement in an attempt to regenerate a beloved, sure, but somewhat stale formula.


After having tried the road of 3D, clans and specialized classes and after playing with physics in next-gen consoles, Team 17 decided to go back to basics, stripping Worms of all the most complicated trappings and focusing WMD’s gameplay on gadgets, weapons and unbridled customization.

Worms WMD returns to the roots of the series, and is a step back absolutely for the better


In the approximately thirty stages that make up the single player campaign, to which are added a dozen of thematic challenges, worms wmd  struggled to explain well the functions and purposes of all the gadgets available to our invertebrate guerrillas. Perhaps because they are more than seventy and make up the largest arsenal of the whole series.

Worms in pieces

Unfailing are the explosive sheep, the bandana that transforms worms into Ryu, bananas, kamikaze donkeys; to gadgets and historical devices are added as odds like the old flatulent (sic!) and the cell phone battery that explodes on impact.

Worms wmd weapons

The weapons are really too many to list them all, and maybe this is a problem in terms of gameplay, because sometimes you find yourself experimenting with potentially self-destructive devices, risking losing a battle just because we do not know what we are doing with a new, glittering toy of death.


Worms battlegrounds at the bottom is played like any other Worms released from 1995 to today: during the turn of our worm we can directly control the movements, take aim and use weapons and gadgets to hit the enemy targets, reposition or, even better, destroy the worm scenario in an attempt to provoke some devastating chain reaction that inflicts irreparable environmental damage.


The level design of course is state of the art, even if the unpredictability of the players always runs the risk of stopping an internship after having reduced it to a slice of gruyere cheese.


Interestingly, in new worms game  virtually every action accumulates experience points, and each level up unlocks new gadgets,The game allows a lot of possibilities – to say, you can also choose the gravestones that our worms will leave behind after a departure – and Team 17 has really gone wild, leaning on a wonderful 2D realization that resembles a Sunday morning cartoon. 


Despite fighting for life, internships are always colorful, the animations excessive, the explosions dazzling: if the war were a joke, Worms WMD would be able to capture the essence better than any other strategic on the market.


The 30 worms wmd ps4  trophies are divided into 17 bronze, 5 silver and 7 gold awards to which to add the coveted platinum trophy. Unblocking them will not be a walk: we must complete each mission with the best evaluation but also all the secondary objectives, defeating the enemy worms in particular ways to prove to be real worms.


In terms of innovations, Team 17 has found the ideal balance between tradition and innovation without unbalancing the classic appeal of the series. Set aside the classes in which the worms were divided in the last episodes, the Anglo-Saxon developer preferred to focus first of all on the interaction with the environment and then on the possibilities of real combat. The maps now show off buildings in which you can hide to protect yourself from the blows of the enemy worms.