World of Warships turns six – Wargaming is holding a promotion with the opportunity to win a unique powerful PC

Developers of an online game about sea battles from the company WargamingWorld of Warships – on the eve of the celebration of the 6th birthday of their brainchild, we launched the action “Ships six“. The main prize will be a unique powerful computer in the form of a torpedo, created especially for the birthday of World of Warships

To celebrate the 6th anniversary, World of Warships developers have prepared the “Ships Six” campaign with numerous prizes and a special referral program. The festive promotion will already run until October 6, 2022… During this time players will be able to receive guaranteed rewards every week and participate in raffles of large prizes… To do this, you need to complete combat missions and receive game rewards, as well as collect a new currency – portal chips – because it is this currency that gives you a chance to win weekly prizes.

Besides, now playing “Ships” is not only exciting, but also profitable thanks to the current referral program, which allows you to get 300 rubles for each brought player

The main prize deserves special attention – it is a unique powerful computer in the form of a torpedo, created exclusively for Wargaming by MAN-MADE on the occasion of the birth of World of Warships

“PC Torpedo has incorporated all the latest technologies from the world of gaming hardware. The computer is built on the basis of the latest generation NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 FE graphics card in conjunction with an Intel core i7-11700 processor, the basis for the system is a motherboard from market leaders – ASUS ROG, and powers the computer with a CoolerMaster power supply.The PC torpedo has 8 GB of memory, a processor frequency of up to 4.9 Hz, 32 GB of RAM, a memory frequency of 3200 MHz, and a 1 TB SSD drive. and is admirable. It is a masterpiece of technology and design, “- says the description.

The PC is delivered in a special box for projectiles. You cannot buy such a model, but you can only win in World of Warships

“By order of the World of Warships team, we have developed and implemented truly one of the most ambitious projects,” says a representative of MAN-MADE. “Our engineers and designers have put all their passion, inspiration and respect for the game, its developers, and most importantly, the countless army of fans into the computer.”

In addition to the main prize – a super PC torpedo – players will receive more than a hundred valuable prizes from partners, including three trips to St. Petersburg from; five routers with an annual subscription to Internet + TV from; computer mice in the style of Ships; Cooler Master gaming monitors, chairs and keyboards; Samsung Galaxy F52 smartphones; branded hoodies and numerous in-game bonuses.

“Caring for the community has always been a priority for us,” notes Valeria Tsygankova, Regional Product Director for World of Warships. “For the 6th anniversary, we wanted to do something special for our players. We launched a holiday promotion with a huge number of valuable prizes and a truly mesmerizing main prize – the PC torpedo, which goes beyond the traditional idea of ​​a desktop computer. fight! “

You can find out more detailed information about the promotion on the World of Warships website following the link

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