Retro Studios veteran: “Metroid Prime 4 on Nintendo Switch will be a great game”

The originator of the series Metroid prime American game designer Mike Wikan sure that Metroid prime 4 make a great game. He shared his opinion on the podcast Kiwi Talks, writes the edition Nintendo life

According to Wikan, in the current Retro studios there are many veterans of the series who have a good understanding of what Metroid is

“Metroid Prime 4 is going to be a great game. Many of the key designers on the team are people who have worked with me in the studio. They understand what Metroid is and what the franchise should be,” he said.

Wikane left Retro Studios in 2011 and went to work in the studio. id Softwareand then went to Booz allen hamilton… He was the lead game designer Metroid prime and took part in the creation Metroid prime 2, Metroid prime 3 and Metroid prime trilogy

In a podcast, he also revealed that the development of the first Metroid Prime received on Metacritic 96 points out of 100 was very difficult for Retro Studios. Over the course of nine months, it had to be heavily overworked, and by the end of the production process, the employees were completely squeezed out.

“Several times we had to work for 48 hours in a row, interrupting only for an hour’s sleep. For the last nine months of development, we stayed in the studio almost 24/7.”

After Metroid Prime ended, most of the staff were ready to leave, Wican said, but Nintendo completed the process of turning Retro Studios into its studio, appointed a new leader, and quickly put things in order.

“Nintendo quickly took over the management of the company and put Mike Kelbo in charge. He is a true master of his craft, formerly head of Nintendo’s quality control division. Kelbo told us, ‘Guys, give me a few weeks to fix this.” And he did it. I enjoyed working at Nintendo and Kelbo still runs Retro Studios. ”

After the release of Metroid Prime 3, the team took up the resurrection of the series. Donkey kong country, created in the early nineties by the studio Rare.

It was originally planned that Metroid Prime 4 for Switch would be developed by a new studio led by the Japanese producer of the series. Kensuke Tanabe, however, in early 2019, Nintendo announced the relaunch of development and transfer of the game to Retro Studios… At the moment, the long-term construction has no release date.

Fortunately, Metroid fans won’t be bored with the release of October 8th on Switch. Metroid dread – continuation of the main 2D-series of adventures of Samus Aran from the father of the franchise Yoshio Sakamoto… As a reminder, Metroid Prime is a first-person adventure series.

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