World of Warships developers announced the formation of collective immunity to COVID-19 within the studio

Game Developers World of Warships took the initiative to popularize measures to combat coronavirus. They have not only built up herd immunity within the company, but have also been active in educating their players about the importance of vaccination and adherence to COVID-19 prevention measures. The relevant information is contained in a press release distributed today through the media.

More than 700 people

“From the very beginning of the second wave of coronavirus, the company has worked on two tasks: to protect colleagues and their loved ones, and also to convey to active players, who are more than 1 million people around the world, the importance of adhering to the recommended precautions. We successfully solved the problem of our safety: by carrying out daily disinfection of the studio, transferring some of the employees to a remote location, and at every opportunity reminding our colleagues of the importance of vaccination. We also track the number of vaccinated employees. I would like to show our players by example that vaccination is the right way to defeat the common coronavirus enemy, ”- comments Victor Bardovsky, product director of the St. Petersburg office of Wargaming.

For more than a month, a weekly report has been published on the corporate portal of the St. Petersburg office of Wargaming, which illustrates the growing percentage of vaccinated employees.

The company managed to reach the mark in 69% vaccinated… Since the beginning of the pandemic, all precautions have been observed in the office: the rules of remote seating, systematic disinfection, temperature measurement and the mandatory mask regime.

The creators of World of Warships also drew the attention of players to the importance of vaccinations and ran a promotional campaign with in-game bonuses. Among the active gaming community was held drawing of valuable prizes: gaming laptop, certificates for annual premium accounts, as well as in-game gold and ships.

The community welcomed the activity in the official ship group in VK and supported her with a large number of reposts. At the time of the end of the promotion, there were more than 9 thousand… In the comments to the publication, players actively shared their stories, gave their friend advice on observing the rules of protection against the virus.

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