World of Warcraft is going to combine servers – review

Blizzard continues to solve the problems of the less popular worlds in World of warcraft. As the developers on the forum explain, all the features of a cross-server game do not solve many of the problems of players who do not want to pay for the transfer of characters.

As you know, players can join groups and go to dungeons and raids with any players from other worlds. However, guild capabilities may not be available to them, and the economy on sparsely populated servers is usually in decline.

The next stage in solving this problem will take place throughout the summer. Blizzard is currently conducting a world study to determine which ones need to be combined. During the preventive work weekly, several less-populated worlds will “hook” to popular servers.

The exact list of immigrants will be announced in the respective regions before unification. At the same time, the corresponding forum branches of the World of Warcraft worlds will merge.

This transformation looks very timely, because at the end of the year a major addition should be released Shadowlands. And acquaintance with the Dark Lands, all players will be able to start in a large company.

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