World of Tanks – guide on the basics of the game

World of Tanks , we wrote a ospreys guides by which to get used to this gorgeous game, you can literally for an hour or two. And the foundations of the foundations occupy a total of six short stages.

Step One – Education

Earlier beginners at the first approach to the game immediately thrown into battle without detailed explanations, but now every player has the opportunity to pass a training course the young fighter.

Of course, he did not give full explanations for every aspect of the game, but at least tell the cornerstone and give an idea of ​​where to start. Immediately after the start of the player will be given a list of simple combat tasks that are so desirable to ignore because of their simplicity, but this is not worth, because as a reward for completing quests, you can get a premium account for three days, some of the standard game currency and starting equipment for machinery.

World of Tanks - guide on the basics of the gameWorld of Tanks – guide on the basics of the game

Step two – Hangar

First inspect your hangar and all the elements of its management. In the tank service tab, you will be able to change the taste of the tank equipment or other equipment to accomplish its repair and replenish ammo all the guns. By the way, if you do not want every time to engage in routine repair and replenishment of ammunition, you can enable automatic mode, in which ammunition and tanks strength will be replenished without your participation. As long as it has the resources.

Step three – Study

Immediately after the passage of the primary tasks of research and education, visit the section. Here you have to arrange a field experiment for your equipment, trying different types of equipment and new modules before you purchase and install them on real tanks, as well as check on the parade ground of the training has not yet purchased the machine. It is worth paying attention to the fact that partially overlap branches pumping – it saves a lot of time in the development of technology, filtering out uninteresting to you talents.

World of Tanks - guide on the basics of the gameWorld of Tanks – guide on the basics of the game

Step Four – Tanks

In the game World of Tanks at the choice of the player is given eight nations: the USSR, Germany, UK, China, Japan, France, the US and even the Czech Republic. In the foreseeable future, this will join an impressive list of Sweden. Based on the fact that there are a lot of nations, and the development of very many branches, so tangled in them – a piece of cake. The easiest way is to start with a newcomer talent trees heavy tanks of the USSR and the USA (7 IP and T110E5 respectively).

They are the most unpretentious in operation and simple to learn, the aforesaid equipment forgives mistakes that beginners often make. Nobody forbids you to pump several branches according to their own preferences, but early in his career should limit ourselves to a maximum of two branches.

Step Five – Bleeding

The crew that is given to all in the very first tanks, trained his main specialty at 100%. Click on the icon in the form of gold plus – you get into a private matter tankers where in the tab “Skills” you can see them all: both general and highly specialized.

Many of the ability to work steadily since, as you pump over them, and eventually only intensified; These include, for example, “Repair”, “Fire Fighting” and “masking”. Other skills can only be activated after the maximum possible study, such as “Combat Brotherhood” and “The Sixth Sense.”

The latter gives you the opportunity to understand in advance that your tank came to the attention of the enemy, and an urgent need to change the position. We recommend that you start the development of skills with “sixth sense” for the commander and for the rest of the crew – with the “masking”.

World of Tanks - guide on the basics of the gameWorld of Tanks – guide on the basics of the game

Step Six – In the battle!

Beginners get into fights only on the three cards, “Mines”, “Mittengard” and “Winter Himmelsdorf”. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, because in the beginning you will only resist the bots running artificial intelligence. After spending a sufficient number of battles against the AI-dummy, getting used to at least the second level of control and reached the tanks, you can safely go into battle against real players.

In this short briefing is completed. Crew, prepare!