World of Final Fantasy

Fans of Final Fantasy, it would seem, can not complain about the lack of games. After a month out full numbering part online FF XIV steadily gaining popularity and happy news of the recent addition, and countless ports, HD-remastered, and all kinds of mobile games end in sight. I would like just a little more quality instead of all this number.

For nearly 30 years the show, surprisingly, there was no full-fledged crossover fanservisnogo, who was not with the fighting game, the rhythm of the game or worthless clicker for mobile devices. Classic JRPG World of Final Fantasy seeks to correct this unfortunate omission, but whether it will succeed in this noble endeavor?



Such tie originality certainly does not shine, but not annoying ordinary ancient prophecies. And all because of the prophecy, deceptions and twists, of course, waiting for us on the other side of the portal

Review of World of Final Fantasy

No cloud, no squall shall hinder us!

In the wonderful new world, whose name Grimoire, the twins learn that, compared with the local population they are – real giants. It does not matter to frighten people with their menacing look is not necessary because you can always take a chibi form and interact with the NPC big-equal. Expectedly, many locations, as well as their inhabitants will be well familiar to any fan of Final Fantasy.

However, World of FF is not limited to “copy-paste”, and change and even curious combines well-known places. Nibelheim, for example, was through the efforts of Shinra rebuilt on the ruins of a burnt-out village of Mist, and the prison locked Figaro – a real D-District Prison.

Review of World of Final Fantasy

Characters “Finalok” were not teleported or forcibly drafted into the Grimoire, they are its rightful inhabitants, and it’s just wonderful. team captain in Cornelia right before our eyes (and not without our participation) becomes a Warrior of Light, and look at how the local Tidus meets Yong and trace the development of their relationship – a pleasure.

We will be pleased with his presence the representatives of number of parts of the first to thirteenth (except II and XII, for whatever reason, such discrimination – is unclear) plus guests from a very unexpected games like Dirge of Cerberus and Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.

Many of them first sounded, and it is a pleasant surprise, even though a certain dissonance between chibiynym appearance and voices of adults.

You probably shouldn’t laugh anymore

Local attempts at humor not everyone will like. Occasionally skips really funny moments, but overall the characters much too often fooled, and this is too rarely truly amusing.

Widespread puns Lanna force from time to time to smile, but mostly just annoying, and, nevertheless, to observe the twins in their human form nice because excellent facial expressions.

In the case of chibikami same (which, remember, are almost all the other characters, and sometimes the characters themselves) all the sadder, their anatomy simply does not achieve the same quality of the animation, which is why primitive pull big-pupae are touched at first, after a time, tired, and becomes simply boring.


Srezhessirovany scenes are mostly good, but tightened dialogues sometimes can cause a yawn. Fanservisa and witty references to them, however, plenty, then you and “I will knock you all down!”,

And “Turtle!”, And even the famous laugh Tidus. Descriptions of the characters in the library deserve special mention. They should read without fail, because they are written sensibly, with humor and without any worries about the fourth wall.

Collection Mirages to participate in the battle and restore innumerable army occurs at a fairly standard pattern. For capture of each required nominal prism, which is issued at the first meeting with each individual.

Not everyone can grasp at once, but the prism are not going anywhere, so worry about missed chance is no need. In order to try to catch the monsters, you need to perform a certain condition that is openly stated in the description for scanning enemies spell Libra. Usually strong enough to beat your opponent, cast a spell on him elemental or hang any negative status.

Review of World of Final Fantasy