Progress does not stand still: the classic JRPG turn-based battles with randomly in the past. Key current representatives of the genre on the “big” consoles or completely gone in the direction of an action-RPG like Final Fantasy XV, or have the most dynamic combat system, the cycle Tales of. For fans of the old approach, which is not satisfied with the current trends, Square Enix and released World of Final Fantasy.

This is the first in 15 years, the “classical” part of the Final Fantasy, for which its creators should not be ashamed. After Final Fantasy 10  step by step “finalok” on consoles was not so much: a terrible sequel “tens” more terrible sequel Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy: of The 4 Heroes of Light  for the DS, the creators of which in its desire to make a “how to good old days “showed excessive zeal and made the game incredibly monotonous and boring – in the worst traditions of the 80’s.

Developers World of Final Fantasy  were able to find a balance between classic elements and facilities, which are used to modern players. This is valuable and.

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World of Final Fantasy tells the story of two teenage twins Lanna and the Rhine. One day they meet a real goddess demiurge, which invites them to visit the world created by her and become masters therePokémonmirages – monsters, which you can collect and pump. Who refuse such an offer?

World Grimoire, among mirages, inhabited by the Lilliputians-chibikami, against which the twins seem to be giants. In order not to look quite so strange when dealing with the local inhabitants, Lunn and the Rhine can optionally “squeezed” to their size. On the Giants public reacts predominantly favorable: their coming was foretold in the prophecy. The purpose of the twins travel very soon switched to abstract “collect them all” as a time of fulfillment of the prophecy itself. And it implies the search for clues hidden in different corners of the world – just like a crystal sphere in the first Final Fantasy.


These charming muzzles lies something more.

Final Fantasy can not be attributed to the series, which is primarily associated with something amusing. Although each of the comedic moments were mainly games of the series are known for their epic stories and tragedies of Shakespeare’s level. In World of Final Fantasy I heard two jokes concerning odors, for the first 20 minutes of the game.


World of Final Fantasy – charming new edition of the series, giving the opportunity to explore the world under the name “Grimoire” made in “chibi” style, with familiar monsters in the main series. You play as a brother and sister, Lanna and Reyes, the only character capable of “chibikov” turn to the people of “normal” size and proportions, causing a strong reaction of others.

If the turn-based battles are working just as you can expect a humorous component of World of Final Fantasy has managed to surprise me. At the beginning of flight Lunn and constantly make fun of each other, exploring the Grimoire and trying to regain his memory, they even manage to break the fourth wall to find the position in which they find themselves. They constantly use the Final Fantasy alien jargon (Queen, for example, is “chuvikhi”), to which, respectively (and funny) react encountered characters as heroes. Clashes with cameo-heroes like Cloud and Lightning also lead to comical, and not dramatic situations.


But let’s digress from mere jokes: in the World of Final Fantasy is an interesting new mechanic that allows you to “zaprizmit” monsters, that is to catch them if they were Pokemon, ready to fight for you later. During combat, you can switch between one and the other at any time, and this is reminiscent of the more familiar choice between attacks and abilities, which is why the combat system seems to be extremely easy to use, and at the same time brings to mind the full Final Fantasy.

World of Final Fantasy may be the most ridiculous release series

Before PAX I mainly wrote about World of Final Fantasy as a lovely spin-off in the spirit Theatrhythm, but spent the game more time, I realized that it is deeper than it seems at first sight, and I sincerely wanted to wander through this world, learning more about the main characters. And if the whole game will be able to keep the same attitude as the demo, perhaps we will see the funniest Final Fantasy release the entire series history.

The game will be released on October 28 PS4 and Vita. company “Buka” distributor of the game in Russia will act.