Wolfenstein 2, The New Colossus: MachineGames presents itself

Founded in 2009 by former members of Starbreeze Studios, MachineGames is based in Uppsala, Sweden. Acquired by Bethesda Softworks at the end of 2010, it is a study made up of a group of experienced developers known for the fictional quality of their games, including acclaimed Wolfenstein: The New Order .
In addition to the Wolfenstein series , several of its members have also worked on games such as Enclave, The Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness . What distinguishes MachineGames’s work is the great experience and quality of narrative.
Jens Matthies, creative director
“What I love in creating the games of the Wolfenstein series is that we are given the extraordinary freedom to run great risks from the point of view of narrative. We can tell a story at the same time much more intimate, brutal and incredibly odd, and we can do it in to respect the player and make him 100% involved. We believe this is the best story we have ever produced. “
Jerk Gustafsson, Executive Producer
“The New Colossus collects the witness from the end of The New Order. We have designed the game so that new players can recover the essentials quickly. Who has already played the first episode, of course, will already know what has happened to that And no one will ever have any doubt: BJ is back and for the Nazis are serious trouble! ”

Axel Torvenius, Graphic Manager
“Designing an alternative world set in a fictional past in which the Nazis rule the world with monstrous robots and an exaggerated army of veterans is a challenging but at the same time extremely rewarding challenge. Designing Wolfenstein’s Graphics and Atmosphere: The New Colossus is not just about to imagine monstrous Nazi robots, lethal elite forces, and exaggerated weapons; it does not just mean to design colossal concrete structures and reinforced steel warheads. It also means portraying and giving life to the oppressed, the exiles, to all those who have not adapted to the new Nazi regime; means to imagine the uprising against the regime and to choose a palette of interesting colors that is suitable for life that does not give up. And especially,

Tommy Tordsson Bjork, narrative designer
“Because it rests on a solid and rich narrative base like The New Order, the story of The New Colossus has soon become a living creature. Sometimes you feel like you can follow her in the woods to see where she leads you. I think that very ambitious solutions have been adopted from the point of view of narrative and that players will be astonished as soon as they start playing. ”

Lubna Cecillon, producer
“Working for Wolfenstein was a great opportunity for me. I never imagined something like that might happen to me. He has all the elements I like in a story: a voyage with an overwhelming regime, full of humor and sarcasm, and a lot of attention to the characters, their journey, their mistakes, their stories. And let’s not forget the real, brutal and fun game. The creative freedom enjoyed by the team was extraordinary. Everyone has given the most, contributing to the end product with a unique touch and personal. What makes The New Colossus so unique is the synergy that has come to create. ”

The release date of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is set for October 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game is also for Nintendo Switch, although the output is still TBD.