Willy-Nilly Knight

What does the film then? The fact that the plot of Willy-Nilly of Knight , developed by the studio Double Room Dice Games is , also offers a non-trivial, the modern view of the famous British legend.

He twisted around a young man who was very far from being able to be king Arthur, but then run into an amazing story and pulled out the legendary sword Excalibur, met a girl named Guinevere, became part of the great legends and began to change under the influence of a magic weapon.

And just as in the films Gaya Richi(Guy Ritchie), there are a lot of irony. However, humor is simple, domestic, and sometimes even comparable to what we are used to seeing in translation Goblin and the notorious “Russian quests.”

In the course of his adventures our “Knight inevitably” meet Pendalf Gray, Minsk, lost his little friend Boo, the Joker, who will ask to kill a thick Fetmena, visit a location called the “Resident Evil” will help fix the moonshine and take the order to kill the first Spektra- man from his former lover.

Dream come true programmer

However, it is not surprising – the game did two programmers, and the plot and the protagonist is a young programmer who somehow endured in this fantastic country, repeating the fate of the protagonist’s an old and very popular at the time RPG called Nox . Hence the peculiar humor.

However, he does not pass the reasonable boundaries, not strongly enforced and generally serves as a supplement to the main story. And it was a place apart from the irony and betrayal, and insidious dragon, and the love triangle – our hero is forced at some point to choose between Guinevere and chetyrohsotletney, but very well-preserved elf.

Companies in this Trinity also was racy dwarf hired in the tavern, and together they travel through swamps, dungeons outcasts, the dead city and the dragon mountain, fighting against numerous enemies – orcs, goblins, demonic wolves and aggressive nymphs – periodically killing fat “bosses” , save the lost children, defending the village and generally live a full life of adventures and exploits.

Exit on the global map at any time.


Simple moves

Our heroes travel in real time, but the fight in increments. Unlike the Japanese RPG, in one of which someone can take Willy-Nilly of Knight , the fight is not transferred to the private arena, and unfold in the same place at the same hour.

For some, this fact was sufficient reason to compare the Willy-Nilly Knight with Divinity: Original Sin , but it is certainly a compliment to excess – the Double Dice Games everything is much easier.

There is no combination of natural effects, when you can throw in the first barrel of oil from the enemy, and then set fire to the fireball, no team combo or shelters: just one character on their turn to attack, use skills or magic scrolls and drinking potions.

There is also an open world, and role-playing system is extremely simple: the characters belong to one of four classes (knight, warrior, mage, ranger), learn new abilities unique to each specialization, and buy in stores equipment that can be put on the only representative of a certain class when it reaches a sufficient level.

Plus, as a simple “kraft” scrolls and potions – make yourself some extravagant hat from the pan and stool, both in the same Divinity: Original Sin , there will not work.

All movements in combat action points spent.
On the other hand, it is clear that the game made by two Russian developers do not pretend to any special laurels. It does not have many fashion “chips”, and the plot, jokes, combat and role-playing system seems rustic.
But in Willy-Nilly Knight felt the spirit of real adventure and a warm, cozy, as they say in such cases, the lamp atmosphere, which largely created a colorful picture and general ironic and good-natured humor.
Here you get genuine pleasure from how your progress yesterday programmer becomes stronger, wins seem too powerful “bosses”, he performs feats, flirting with girls and finally buys himself out the knightly sword dorogushchy.