The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

It is finished, N’Vahi! What you’ve been asked, wiping frozen by the harsh climate of Skyrim tears on his face, there was – we were back in Morrowind. At the same time, our excitement does not end there, because it MMO-yes-even-steeper-than-Skyrim. Many fans of the “Scrolls” has long begged the developers to make a remastered version-TES3 and even taken to rivet her own. And now it is not necessary, because Zenimax Online Studio rolled out the largest and probably the most welcome addition to The Elder Scrolls Online. For me was the discovery of how TESO, and a fresh update. A definite plus is that when tired of Morrowind – you can visit a good half of Tamriel (if you buy all the DLC, of ​​course). But once we lacked only one Vvardenfell Island.

balmoraWhen you first decided to try TESO, you have to wonder unspeakably Thumbs customer appetite for space on your hard drive (or SSD). Download and install the client that asks 85 gigabytes – is not a matter of minutes. I remember a passage from one of the popular book, once read in Skyrim:

Randy: But it’s so big! It may take me all night!

Krantius Colto: You and I have plenty of time, my dear. Plenty of time.

Krassius Kourion “Pohotlivaya argonianskaya virgin” pt. 1, Act IV, Stage III.

As in the good old times, we come on the ship. No, Dzhiub as in TES3, we have not met, because the events are taking place 700 years before those to which we once used to. The player will choose the main features of the character – the name of the faction, class, race, and all kinds of details of appearance.

A choice of three factions: Ebonhartsky Pact includes the Nords, Dunmer and argoniantsev; Dominion Aldmeri rallied Altmer, Bosmer and khajiit; Daggerfall Covenant united Redguard, Breton and orcs.

ice_screenshot_20170607-120014In The Elder Scrolls Online is available at the following classes: Dragonknoght, Templar, Sorcerer, Nightblade and Warden.

Warden ( “Guardian”) – a new class in TESO, which appeared in Morrowind expansion. Guardians hold the magic of nature. They have three specializations, each of which is unique in its own way. He knows how to call Warbear, heal and buff allies and can strike in the study of the icy armor and very good tank. Let me remind you that every class has three branches of development, which change gameplay.


After a short character generation, and very brief training a pair of combat techniques we released on all four sides, giving a story quest. It can be hard to run around and explore the history of the Second Age in Vvardenfell, but some prefer to explore the world on their own. A private matter – who can be against?

For example, I wanted to wander around the port to communicate with the NPC, do side quests and learn more about the old, but updated and greatly improved the world. The engine on which the game is done, not very demanding, and quite nice compared to other popular MMORPG. The TESO: Morrowind really nice picture.

We are watching you, jerk

We are watching you, jerk

Port in Seyda Neen – general gun, seriously. It is worth seeing. As if you re plunged headlong into the era of zero years, but apparently all been transformed since the reign of Gamebryo engine. Although everything looks not ideal for 2017. It is important not to forget that you are in the MMORPG with all its consequences, and therefore requirements to graphics – not the most important. Fans will come to the indescribable joy of all: from the construction of the cantons Vivek, tent camping in Ald’ruhn Balmora and times of the second period.

Screenshot_20170608_092708To move around the world use mounts, which also have the ability to pump. You can open and use the Travel Sanctuary for instant and free teleportation. Free it only works between sanctuaries and significantly beats afford a novice, if he decided to teleport from pure field. A wander here and there have a lot. You’ve certainly managed to miss on the silt-strider?


A few tips for those who play in the first TESO:

When will find yourself in Vivek, do not be lazy and do the teaching profession quests – will greatly facilitate life. And ctaraytes walk more. Due to this you will find a lot of resources for crafting.