Will the plot of Resident Evil: Village be expanded? Anonymous DLCs for the game revealed on Steam

Resident Evil: Village may receive new additional content in the future.

This is hinted at by the game page in SteamDBwhere it was found mention of two unnamed DLCs added to the store database 7 and 4 months ago. It is not yet known what kind of supplements Capcom is preparing for its horror – it can be either story extensions or ordinary bonus items like the already existing field set.

There is also an opinion that under one of the mysterious DLC there is actually a multiplayer Resident Evil Re: Verse, which is part of the eighth part, but it already has its own separate entry on Steam.

Previous numbered game in the series – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – at one time received several plot add-ons, including free Not A Hero about Chris Redfield and three paid ones (Banned Footage Vol.1, Banned Footage Vol.2 and End of Zoe).

According to the original idea in Resident Evil: Village was supposed to appear Ada Wong… She came to the village to investigate and at some stage saved Ethan from the kidnappers from the courtroom, but it was decided to abandon this storyline due to some contradictions with the main scenario. Perhaps the developers will rework it into a more standalone DLC.

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