Will Elden Ring be released in June? Information on the release dates of the new Hidetaki Miyazaki game appeared on the FromSoftware website

Role-playing game Elden ring from studio Fromsoftware may come out this June. Publishing house Bandai namco has not yet announced the timing of the appearance of the project in stores, however, such a release window was indicated on the festive page of the official Japanese developers site.

A possible date was noticed in a short excerpt with a list of games, according to one of which FromSoftware fans now have the opportunity to get a New Year’s digital card with wallpaper for smartphones. To choose from available Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, Metal Wolf Chaos XD and Elden ring. To do this, go to the specified address and register an email, after which a letter will be sent to your mail with a congratulation and a link to download the image.

Initially, it was assumed that information about the release of the game in June could be a translation error from Japanese, but people who spoke the language confirmed that the note was about the release date. Moreover, earlier mention of the premiere of Elden Ring in June 2023 already appeared on the site of the American retail network Target.

Elden Ring development started in 2017, immediately after the completion of the final addition The ringed city for Dark souls 3, so if the leak is true, then by the time the release, the new FromSoftware game will be in development for about three years. The same amount was required for the production of Dark Souls III, while the development of the original Dark Souls and its continuation took about two years each.

Elden Ring is created for Xbox one, Playstation 4 and PC.

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