Why the new Half-Life in VR is good – watch videos online – review

12/14/2019 17:08 | 14 minutes 48 sec

Why the new Half-Life in VR is good

Why the new Half-Life in VR is good

If the video does not play
one. Basic: update your browser and install the latest version Adobe Flash Player.
2. Try logging in through a different browser.
3. Disable anti-banner plugins and programs.
4. If all other videos on the site play normally, check back here in half an hour or an hour. Perhaps the video has not yet been uploaded to the server.

If the video is loaded into the player for a long time or is slowly downloading:
one. The first and second of the above reasons.
2. It happens that one of the distributing video networks falls. Then it helps reload the page (use F5) to start the video again. If there is no effect from three to five attempts, then this is not the case.

If none of the above helps, write to us, please. In the letter, indicate the link to the page with the video and your browser. If you are not looking at the PC, then write the device you are using. Editorial Post: [email protected]

Ambiguously, the community perceived the news that Half-Life: Alyx it will not be at all about what everyone was waiting for. Not only is this not a sequel, it is also exclusively in VR. In this article, we will explain why such an initiative from Valve is great and promising.