Why mobile MOBA popular Pokemon Go

The mobile gaming market for a long time did not play, the success of which could be compared with Honour of Kings, also known as the King of Glory. Every day in the mobile MOBA held by Tencent 80 million battles, the number of registered users of the game has reached 200 million, the number of sales alone, “vneshke” is 150 million pieces per day. According to data for the first quarter of 2017, the number of monthly active users of the game was 80 million, and income – 30 billion yuan. In terms of the US currency of the order of $ 4.5 billion.

Well, we have to admit, for a mobile MOBA result really impressive. For comparison, the number of monthly active users of older brother Honour of Kings in the face of League of LegendsOwned by the same Tencent, passed for 100 million people last year. Honour of Kings is rapidly gaining popularity, picking up close to the record holder of the genre on the PC. Among other things, according to data released by research firm App Annie, in May Honour of Kings bypassed Monster Strike and became the most profitable mobile game in the world in both Google Play and on iOS devices.

Honour of Kings ranked first in the world in terms of return on iOS platform in March and April this year. However, only in May, the game managed to occupy the first position not only in the App Store, but in Google Play. Honour of Kings became the world’s first mobile game in China, won the leadership on both platforms, which is a great achievement, given the weak presence of Google in China.

In contrast to the growing popularity of Honour of Kings, the excitement regarding mobile hit last year – the Pokemon the Go– all over the world gradually cools. According to the analytical agency Think Gaming, at the moment the number of daily active users is 148 thousand. Man that more than 90% less compared with the previous year, when the period from July to November of active users in the peak was observed 1.6 million human. Total revenue from the game for the entire period since the launch of $ 1.2 billion, and the number of downloads -. 752 million worth to remind that on Honour of Kings outside of China until recently it was almost unheard of, while the hype pokemon Go scattered around the world. That is, the top of the mobile MOBA game Olympus dragged it Chinese. What is the secret of success?

According to the founder of Tencent Ma Huateng, China did not have before facing mobile gaming, because none of them offers the most important to the user – communications. Most mobile games are designed either to fast or to an individual game. Users do not have enough team spirit and communication, both in the same LoL. Putting all the facts, among which is the growing popularity of mobile gaming in China and the lack of communication among users of such games, Tencent very timely guessed bring to market the very mobile LoL, of which, now obviously dreamed of millions of Chinese.

As for Pokemon Go, it is simply not suitable for the Chinese market. She encourages people to walk more, walking, and of course, collecting Pokemon. But there is no communication with friends, there is a competitive component or even a race for achievements publicly available for Chinese mobile users is boring and antisocial, because in the game.

Another important factor in the sluggish interest in Pokemon Go in China – the almost complete absence of cultural walks to maintain health. Not to mention the fact that in China, as we know, quite difficult to track a user’s location using Google. A Pokemon Go just the same using these technologies. But the charging time Thais and dancing – it’s a different matter.

The Chinese are generally very social people, and playing with the individual achievements that do not mean anything, there will never be popular. But the titles that require an organized team play and strategy development on the other hand are very popular, especially if the achievements and victories of specific players and teams become public.

In this case, Tencent does not wish to abuse the willingness of the Chinese to sit in the mobile MOBA days. Dance marathons will soon go into the past, as has recently become known that Tencent began to limit the time spent in Honour of Kings for some age groups of users.

The new rules are aimed at ensuring the healthy development of young generation. In a statement, the company said that its mobile game should bring positive emotions, but overreliance on games does not make happy nor the students themselves or their parents.

Earlier in April, the media reported that the 17-year-old gamer from Guangdong province in southern China suffered a stroke after spending 40 hours playing Honour of Kings. According to the estimates of the government, some 24 million young people in China are Internet addicts.

Members under the age of 12 years is now limited to one hour of playing Honour of Kings in the day, and will not be able to log into your account after 9 pm.

This decision came into force on the Fourth of July. Users between the ages of 12 and 18 are limited to two hours of play per day. Tencent also plans to limit the amount of money that underage users can spend on the platform.

Recall that Gmbox already talked about the global changes in Chinese laws relating to online games, registering at various web services, etc.

Chinese companies have already started execution of new laws. For example, since the first of June, users in China’s largest search engine – Baidu – the time of registration will have to provide a mobile phone tied to a Chinese identity card of the person. For other changes , read our material on this subject .