Why LoL even more interesting to watch than to play it?

Usually this: crimson, downloadable game, launch it from the pile of Champions vending choose, you get a team with strangers begin the match … and instantly lose. It does not matter, try again … same result. And again, and again.

And the rest do not even give a look into what is happening! It reminds simulator quick defeats for sophisticated masochists. At the same time over and over again in a thin voice chatting is called “noob” and “cancer”, flooded with unfamiliar terms, accused of all mortal sins, and sometimes even parents commemorate a bad word. The mood is spoiled …

What to do? The answer is quite simple: to know the ins and outs of the game, many fans actually prefer to watch League of LegendsAnd not to turn out the skill in battle. For what reasons might be interesting to follow the professional scene? Try to understand.

From the abundance of people in the World Championship head spin.From the abundance of people in the World Championship head spin.

Directly involved in something meaningful

Be a player or a spectator League of Legends – it means to be part of the same organism. Each participant of the community feel involved in something global and significant.

It is known that of all the eSports disciplines is League of Legends is the mass. Monthly audience of the game is more than a hundred million users (for comparison, the same Dota 2 “only” 13.5 million).

It is only about active players without regard to passive spectators, but they are also a few million. Consider these numbers: the size of its monthly audience LoL is almost comparable with the population of the whole of Russia.

Accede to such a vast army of like-minded people want many, even if not as a player – at a high level to play its role turns out not all. But everyone can see: 2016 users Twitch spent a total of more than a billion hours watching matches on LoL .

Final battle World Cup 2016 between Koo Tigersand invincible SK Telecom T1 looked 36 million people with a peak load of 14 million viewers. Yes, the decisive match of the World Cup “stuck” to the screen more people than the NBA Finals. Even though the difference between the target audience – is impressive, is not it?

Yes LoL and pleasant emotions causes.Yes LoL and pleasant emotions causes.

Raise your own “skill”

You can not learn to play League of Legends without viewing matches the professional stage. Dot. To keep in shape even top kibersportsmeny spend hundreds and hundreds of hours of other people’s views of contractions.

Watching the game real pros like the same “Korean cars” of SK Telecom T1, spectators reveal themselves to the game from a completely new angle. They get acquainted with the current Mehta, with unusual and interesting tactics of battles.

Personal “skill” a large part of the community is sufficient only for filthy “bronze” – the lowest rank in the game. However, this does not prevent some individuals feel and “read” the game many times better than the more advanced and “skillovym” players “silver” or “gold” division.

For this reason, you have a skill in the game, did not even run it: understanding what is happening on the map – one of the most important “skills” in LoL .

You can learn it by watching professional teams games: Thoughtful commentators always lucidly explain what is happening on the screen – even completely inexperienced rookie a few games completely sort out the basic aspects of the game.

Even the legendary Faker of SK Telecom T1 spends a lot of time looking at other people's games.Even the legendary Faker of SK Telecom T1 spends a lot of time looking at other people’s games.

Parents are not taken to the cinema

Community League of Legends – one of the most popular and “toxic”. Seriously, only worse guys from the CS: the GO . When discussing scanned matches the pro-scene, these people seem to be quite adequate and pleasant. But when it comes to playing together, many of them turned into monsters spewing hatred.

Someone once described very well the essence of the mass consciousness of players in LoL : «If someone plays better than me – he bottom and muddle; If someone plays better than me – he zadrot-noulayfer “. This rule works in almost every “bronze” match and “silver” league. And it was through them will have to be torn to anyone who wants to start their difficult path in the League of Legends .

Such an attitude can quickly put out the fuse and crush the desire to continue to be interested in playing in the bud. Of course, Riot is trying to deal with direct insults and foul language, but it seems to struggle with Lernaean hydra: on the site of one of the punished “anmanera” (slang designation cad in the game – ed.)then there five brand new, ready to spew insults at you.

Another thing – to observe the professional scene. Most of the top players – pleasant and modest young men who tear opponents to pieces, but it is a little huddle and shy in an interview.

Look at them – a pleasure. Spectators are always favorites, behind which is really interesting to watch. Of course, there are exceptions, but the general picture, they do not spoil. And watch the tantrums of some professional players in the important matches very cheerfully negative’re not aimed at you.

The toxicity of the community - one of the main problems LoL.The toxicity of the community – one of the main problems LoL.

Lack of stress

This argument develops logically prior. Because of the violence and the toxicity of the bulk of the players in League of Legends newcomers under considerable pressure. Not wanting to become an object of ridicule or direct toxic insults, many are trying to play to the limit of their capabilities. But they forget about team collaboration, without which there is no chance of winning.

This usually results in the loss, in which every single member of the team blames others. The main thing now – the search for the guilty! And often, without even knowing these players join the ranks of “anmanerov” and “is inadequate.” After all, the problem is always easier to find someone other than yourself.

To be honest, you can experience negative emotions and viewing of the professional game. For example, when your favorite team loses, or chatting someone express his weighty opinion about your pet, which does not coincide with yours. And then another and reduce mother to the movies, because “so my favorite player / team is clearly better than your favorite player / team!”.

However, in your power to rid yourself of this – just remember the following rule: “When you start to argue with an idiot, idiots becomes two” (works outside of online games).

If you use this rule, you do not feel humiliated, do not feel guilty for the lost round and experience to impose a sense of worthlessness. And to impose this feeling, as mentioned above, in the League of Legends can.

Viewing important matches - it is exciting.Viewing important matches – it is exciting.

You can not always give all the best to the maximum

Well, perhaps, the main argument: League of Legends corny is not designed to played it for fun. The game is incredibly highly tuned for eSports: if you are not willing to do anything to win – it means you play the wrong. Most “lollerov” are all signs of a reaction tunnel vision: they are so fixed on the result, they are willing to tens and hundreds of times to beat the same game scenario.

The result is incredibly Variation game with a huge scope for creativity for these comrades is transformed into a simulator Yasuo or other strong character, which can achieve high efficiency. So far, the scheme works, why change it? And to get pleasure from playing them nachhat. And she League of Legends strongly encourages such thinking: for him it is and does.

Yes, someone will say, well, it was not true, and with friends de play a lot of fun. But let’s not engage in substitution of notions. Fun to play with friends in the first place because you get the pleasure of communicating with loved ones, and the game is the only reason for this. We are here as a child with my friends was fun to play even poking a stick dirt. Does this mean that the stick and mud – are really cool toys?

The game is designed for two categories of people: the pro-players and spectators. And if the ranks of the first unit fall, managed to break “through the thorns to the stars”, then to the second join can be anyone. It’s like football. Half the world loves to watch and discuss professional football, but actually plays only a small percentage of the huge audience in it.

Swearing on the PRO-scene is perceived quite differently.Swearing on the PRO-scene is perceived quite differently.

expert opinion

Vasily Ryabov , a professional cheerleader LoL : «Of course, at the dawn of popular MOBA I play them, especially liked the domestic Prime World . And despite the fact that in recent years, I prefer other genres, it does not prevent me watch translation: League of Legends – a great game that anyone can see them, and not only because the outcome of the game is unpredictable, but also because the Riot Games

He has built around its games interesting eSports system. Last year, I actively watch the Russian cluster, and I like how to construct league as developing rules. 

Very interesting to watch not only for games but also for the teams from season to season in the teams come transfers, replacements, new faces, the team seriously train in bootcamp, and tournaments show interesting bars and tactics. I can not say that the entry threshold is very low, but you can get involved in just one good match – it was my final Continental League “

What is the result?

What of all this can be concluded? If you really like League of Legends , and let’s not even going to get a professional competitive players, rest assured of watching matches or tournaments at Twitch, you get no less fun than the game. At the same time and effort to save nerves.

What kind of games do you prefer to watch at your leisure? As abruptly – over the shoulder or on Twitchy?