White Day A Labyrinth Named School

We are not exactly before a new title, but the opposite, given that the original work appeared no less than in 2001. And not only that: it was reissued several times for mobile phones. More than 15 years later it finally appears on a console, PS4 in this case (v

ersion that we analyzed), although it is also available for PC. With this in mind, surely you are wondering how this proposal has aged, and the answer is simple: good but with nuances.


The plot, for example, has continued to seem interesting but not at all surprising. In the White Day (more or less the equivalent of Valentin

e’s Day in several Eastern countries), the protagonist of the game called Hui-min Leesneaks into an institute to leave some gifts to the girl he wants to conquer … but as you imagine this gesture so beautiful and innocent ends up becoming a real nightmare in which none of us would like to see ourselves involved.


The block of buildings that houses this institute was formerly a hospital, which received numerous wounded from the Korean War. A perfect breeding ground so that at present the school is full of ghosts that, when left to see, are able to turn your heart

over … especially one (or one, rather). But the most disconcerting of all is that these entities are not our worst enemies, since the janitors bring them to them. They are true psychopaths and, if they catch us, we will have to run to avoid being killed.



Stealthy and somewhat frustrating terror

The basic proposal of this title is that given to us by the representatives of the genre at the end of the last century, although it has some different characteristics from what the first Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Clock Tower and other titles of the time had in store for us.


White Day A Labyrinth Named School analysis

The whole adventure develops from a subjective perspective, which was quite an innovation when this title appeared in its original version.

The exploration is one of our main tasks. From a first person perspective (something quite peculiar in 2001 and that distanced him from most of his peers) it is necessary to walk through the dark and labyrinthine corridors of the institute in search of obje

cts, provisions, keys and, also, other characters that They have been caught in our very terrifying odyssey. Precisely t

hese meetings condition the fact of attending one of the finals (there are more than half a dozen) that the game presents, given that it is possible to make specific decisions that have their importance. What girls will we manage to save? Who will die in

side the institute? The endings will depend on everything that happens, being a title that is fairly rejuvenated by this very fact.


White Day A Labyrinth Named School PC

Prepare for many scares and a dark and disturbing atmosphere

There are also no puzzles , which although they have seemed quite basic and even somewhat crude at times, bring more grace to the matter.

Its variety is not negligible (there are switches to activate, use keys, interact with certain objects and mechanisms, etc.) and break somewhat with the dynamics offered by the adventure, despite what I have said so far , this one is based especially on the stealth and the moments of “flight”, so to name them.


White Day A Labyrinth Named School

The scares are constant throughout the game, so walk with an eye if you suffer from the heart.

The protagonist of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is totally unarmed throughout the adventure so it must advance as long as possible without being discovered by the aforementioned ghosts and, above all, by the janitors. That is, because


as one of these demented people detects us, a frantic persecution will begin which, almost always, will result in our death. Either you act fast and hide or the game is over, as simple as that. There may be people who like this mechanics but, at least to me,


I find it frustrating on many occasions since in addition to artificial intelligenceof the rivals is not at all low (rather the opposite). In fact, more than once they detect you as if by magic. Yes, it is possible to reduce the difficulty … but I do not think it is the ideal solution.


Besides, these sequences have seemed to me somewhat obsolete and not especially well resolved. And what is worse, precisely during these moments is when you most notice the years of this adventure, scenes that suffer from any hint of fun. Without a doubt, for me it is the weakest aspect of the whole title by far.


White Day A Labyrinth Named School PC

Depending on the characters that we manage to keep alive and the decisions we make, we will contemplate several different endings.

Just the opposite happens with its great setting . And is that although it is technically a title that as you can guess is anything but spectacular or dazzling if it is true that its aesthetics, the design of the characters and scenarios and the atmosphere so disturbin


g that has been printed to the video game are very remarkable Sometimes certain imperfections are seen in the animations of the characters, the textures in general are of low quality and the special effects have little impact, that is unquestionable. But, I ins

ist, it is one of those well-made titles from the artistic point of view … and also sound. The soundtrack is very successful, the effects meet and sometimes get really shake and dialogs (in English with subtitles in Spanish) They are pretty decent.