Which team will you be rooting for at DPC 2021 in the CIS?

Dota 2

Closed qualifiers ended on January 11 Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 1 in the CIS, according to the results of which all participants of the first division of the competition were determined. We decided to find out which teams you will root for this season.



Among the participants of the first division there were two new rosters – NoTechies from Alexey Solo Berezin and Bakyt Zayac Emilzhanov, and NoPangolier from Andrey Ghostik Kadik and Semen CeMaTheSlayer Krivuly. You can get acquainted with the team rosters by following the links in the competition report.

The first division of DPC 2021: Season 1 in the CIS will begin on January 21. Participants will play in a round robin system with matches up to two wins. The best team will advance to the playoffs of the Major, the team from the second place to the group stage, and from the third place to the Wild Card stage. The two worst squads will fall into the second division, while the rest will retain their slots in the first.

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