Which NASCAR Video Game is the Best Ever?

The 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup season is in full swing currently. They’re at 20 races finished out of 26 for the Regular Season, after which the playoffs begin. The playoffs in NASCAR are what The Chase used to be but now it’s just straight called Playoffs. This is the first season since NASCAR implemented a playoff system in 2004 where the Regular Season Champion is finally a true, definite reward. Which is thrilling! And next month we get a new NASCAR Video Game in NASCAR Heat 2 to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. So being in a NASCAR mood got me thinking: which is the best NASCAR game so far?

Which NASCAR Video Game is the Best Ever?NASCAR Video Game

I really like the sound of NASCAR Heat 2 and what it looks to be bringing to the table. It has the Truck, Xfinity, and Monster Energy Cup series in the game. You start off at the bottom in the Trucks and climb your way up. And every track from each series will be in the game, including the dirt track at Eldora. There will be a massive variety in tracks and the vehicles, and the roster is pretty deep too. If the game plays smoothly this very well could be among the best NASCAR video game ever, or one of them at the very least. But of the ones out now which are the front runners?

NASCAR Thunder 2003, Chase for the Cup.

I believe that NASCAR Thunder 2003 is one of the best games released with the name NASCAR on it. It’s just such a fun game, one of the top NASCAR video games I’ve played hours wise. It’s certainly a top pick for this category. I do think that NASCAR 2005 Chase for the Cup is better than that one however. This game is just a gem. You start off in the Whelen Modified series then make your way to the Trucks, Busch series and then the Nextel Cup series. You have rivals, can use special moves to intimidate your rivals, and so so much more. Either one of these being your pick is a great idea.

NASCAR ’06: Total Team Control.

What I like about this game is that you have the 4 different series like Chase for the Cup. But there is a fun wrinkle; you control more than one driver! You can shift between one driver and the other on the fly and try to get your entire team up to the front, not just one car. The cool thing is that when you’re controlling one car and switch the car you left will still be on track racing as an A.I. character. The game graphically wasn’t much of a pick up from the past, if at all. Be that as it may, the game is a lot of fun, easily one of the best NASCAR video games.

iRacing?NASCAR video game

Does iRacing count? I think in a way it does, in a way it doesn’t. It’s not a pure NASCAR only game like the others mentioned here. But it also has an official NASCAR sanctioned eSports series in it and has other officially licensed cars/tracks/etc. It very much has a strong NASCAR connection, so I’d argue in a sense that it can be in the running too. So which NASCAR game is best? Honestly, I think it comes down to ’06 and 2005 Chase for the Cup. I’d probably say overall it’s NASCAR 2005 Chase for the Cup when it comes to pure NASCAR games. And when it comes to games with NASCAR in it (iRacing, Forza, Project Cars, Gran Turismo, etc) I’d say it’s iRacing for sure! Hopefully NASCAR Heat 2 has some fire in the hood and can be a front runner itself!