What was the first game announced for the PlayStation 5? Godfall Review

The most important thing to note when remembering Godfallis that it became the first announced for Playstation 5 project. Combining bright graphics and fantasy sword fighting, the action was seen as something like a service version Dark souls with an admixture Destiny and Diablo… However, the creators themselves from Counterplay games positioned their brainchild as a looter slasher, where you can regularly get hundreds of new items, fighting waves of various opponents.

The final version of the game is not far from the ideals of thoughtless action games, offering colorful but monotonous corridors, boring enemies and a completely non-motivating plot.

You play as the defeated spirit Orin, who is trying to recuperate after losing to his brother Macro. The latter seeks to conduct a forbidden ritual and become a god at the cost of destroying the surrounding world, and Orin needs to gather rare allies, destroy the elite lieutenants of Macros and save the world by defeating an insane relative. To do this, you must complete a series of tasks in three worlds, some of which are tied to a standard grind of elements to open the gates to the next boss of the dimension.

However, in addition to the grind, you will find repetitive missions to climb towers, destroy waves of enemies and activate endless points. After completing the main task, the hero can perform bonus activities – for example, using special vision, looking for secret items, or opening chests held by hidden totems. But doing this is absolutely boring, and the special vision mode, which darkens the world and highlights artifacts, is just annoying. You will have to complete the mission and return to the hub through the system menu – a very strange decision.

Having passed the basic tests, the main character can choose, or rather make an improved shell – Valorplates, which uses one of the legendary fighters of the past with its advantages and special abilities as a basis. Therefore, you should not be surprised that, playing first as a male character and choosing the skin you like, you suddenly change gender and become a female warrior.

In addition to choosing and creating a shell, in the central hub location, you can pump weapons, rings, talismans and set up argumentation. Objects for improvement and improvement drop from numerous enemies and chests, and also remain if you decide to break a thing you do not need. Most of the items are tied to the level of the hero, so pumping remains one of the important factors to get the most balanced character.