What to play in November: the best games of the month

Along with the chilling cold, in November there will be many good games that will give you more reasons to sit in the warm comfort of your home.

Just Dance 2023

Release Date: November 5
Platform: PS4, XBO, Switch, Wii, Stadia
Developer: Ubisoft Paris

Another dance from Paris Ubisoft with slightly improved graphics and a completely updated list of musical compositions, which can be significantly expanded with a paid subscription. Fans will again be able to shake their bodies in front of the TV to the good and not so songs of modern musical culture. The only thing that does Just Dance 2023 special, so this is the output of the game on Nintendo wii. Console production was stopped in 2013, and Ubisoft continues to release on it Just dance.

Just Dance 2023 will also be on the list of games that appear on Google stadia at the time of launch of the platform.

Red dead redemption 2

Release Date: November 5
Platform: PC
Developer: Rockstar Studios

Thanks to the consolers for the beta test. In November, a cowboy western from Rockstar finally gets to the elite gaming platform of the honorable boyars. On personal computers RDR 2 will show all the power of the engine RAGEshowing endless prairies in stunning 4K with an extended drawing range and eye-catching 60 frames per second. In addition, the developers promise softer and more realistic shadows and an improved global lighting system. The game world will become more naturalistic due to a general increase in the quality of textures and the addition of tessellation effects.

The version for personal computers will also have additional content that is not available to owners of consoles. So, the boyars will be able to complete three new tasks for bounty hunters, visit two additional gangster lairs and shoot new weapons.

Death stranding

Release Date: November 8
Platform: PS4
Developer: Kojima Productions

Courier Simulator. Quest about everyday life Norman Reedus. A vivid example of modern art. Many still do not fully understand what exactly is the last creation Hideo Kojima. Actually, it’s not necessary to understand: you have to play. In any case, when the list of actors is listed Norman Reedus, Leia Seydoux, Margaret Quelli and Mads Mikkelsen, and with directing he helps Guillermo del Toro, questions about the quality of the art part should disappear by themselves.

As for the plot component, then we, as the courier of Sam, should walk around America on foot, connecting disparate settlements with each other. Some terrorists and otherworldly entities will interfere with these noble undertakings, as if molded from tar. More details and without spoilers – in our review.

Need of speed heat

Release Date: November 8
Platform: PS4, XBO, PC
Developer: Ghost Games

Racing game from the studio Ghost games and already the 24th installation in the series Need for speed. The developers promise a fleet of 127 cars from 33 concerns, including Ferrari, which disappeared from Payback due to legal delays with licensing.

You have to ride around Palm City and its picturesque surroundings, participating in illegal races and escaping from the police. Winning races brings a reputation and cash, which can then be spent on improving a car. If the amount of money in the account depends on how stylish and fast your iron horse will be, then the attitude of the policemen depends on the level of reputation: the higher it is, the more aggressive law enforcement officers will try to press you to your nail.

IN Heat there will be no loot boxes, but EA promises cosmetic microtransactions and accelerators of progress, allowing you to unlock new content much faster. In other words, you can pay in Heatso as not to play it.

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

Release Date: November 14
Platform: PC
Developer: Forgotten Empires

Reprint of the original Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings with an increased frame rate, support for 4K resolution, significantly prettier graphics and a new single player campaign called The Last Khans. The game also includes all the extras from Age of Empires 2: HD Edition and four new civilizations: Tatars, Bulgarians, Lithuanians and Polovtsy.

The developers have also significantly improved artificial intelligence. If before silicon had to be cheated for victory, now it can defeat the player with effective tactics and strategic flexibility, and not with the increased amount of available resources and other tricks.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Release Date: November 15
Platform: PS4, XBO, PC
Developer: Respawn

The Star Wars series is pretty stormy now, so all hope is so far only for the authors Titanfall and Apex legends from studio Respawn. Events Fallen order unfold a few years after the third episode “Revenge of the Sith“. We take on the role of Padawan Cal Kestis, who managed to survive after the landmark “Order 66” and is now on the run from the Galactic Empire. Kestis will not only have to fight for his life, trying not to get caught by some cool inquisitor, but along the way in every way to harm the Empire as part of a group of extremists So Guerrera.

The game is somewhat reminiscent of Uncharted – here the hero also constantly flees somewhere, climbs along sheer walls and fights with crowds of identical enemies. Only if Nate got out of trouble with machine guns and pistols did Kestis rely on Jedi power and a light saber.

Shenmue 3

Release Date: November 19
Platform: PS4, PC
Developer: Neilo, Ys Net

Frankly, after so many years of waiting, a few carry-overs, and a mountain of developer promises, Shenmue 3 if you wait, then with great apprehension. Designer Vision YU Suzuki could just be out of date during this time.

But be that as it may, Shenmue 3 continues the story of karateka Ryu Hazuki, selflessly trying to find his father’s killer, relying on his skill to expertly beat people with his feet. The search leads Hazuki-san to the beautiful Guilin County in China, where he meets the girl Lin Shenhua, whom he has repeatedly seen in his dreams. It becomes clear that the fate of the heroes is inextricably linked and now they must share this adventure together.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

Release Date: November 22
Platform: PS4, PC, XBO
Developer: CI Games

The game takes place in the harsh regions of Siberia, and the players assume the role of a sniper mercenary, who has to fulfill several important orders to eliminate high-level goals.

Despite the vast arsenal of high-tech weapons and various ingenious devices such as augmented reality masks and drones for reconnaissance, the successful completion of each task primarily depends on proper tactical planning and the ability to calculate your actions ahead.

Besides plausible ballistics, Contracts also boasts realism. Accurate hits on opponents not only send them to the forefathers on horseback on large-caliber cartridges, but they are also capable of literally tearing them to shreds, tearing off limbs and turning bodies into bloody spray.