What to play in December: the best games of the month

It is as if understanding that in December it is more important for gamers to spend more time with family and loved ones, rather than burying themselves in monitors, the gaming industry also goes on vacation, waving the passing year with a few worthy releases.

Release Date: December 3
Platform: PC
Developer: Bungie

Swan song Halo after so many past after the era Xbox 360 years and fly to PC-boyars. Reachone of the best games in the series. Its plot tells the story of a brave detachment of Spartans waging a selfless struggle against the superior forces of the Covenant. The story is full of memorable and truly emotional moments, music composers Martina O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori – beyond praise, and the gameplay allows you to feel like a real super-soldier on the battlefield of the distant future, capable of alone confronting a fierce enemy, superior in number and firepower. Understanding that the Reach is doomed, you will continue to fight for it. Do not forget that the spoon is the way to dinner. Whether this game will be able to gain at least some popularity on the PC 9 years after the release, we will know very soon.

Release Date: December 3
Platform: PC
Developer: Snapshot Games

A tactical strategy around which not so long ago a real drama flared up due to the sudden exclusivity in Epic Games Store. The game is the spiritual heiress of the famous series X-com and is being developed by a Bulgarian studio Snapshot gamesled by the legendary creator of the same X-com Julian gallop. He wants to show everyone the real X-com, and not this one of yours and simplified Xcom. The game takes place in 2047, in the midst of a war of extermination between humans and ugly aliens. Mankind is divided into various groups, pursuing their own goals and fighting not only with invaders, but also with each other for the few remaining resources of a dying planet. Fans of turn-based battles will be delighted.

Release Date: December 5
Platform: PC
Developer: Airship Syndicate

Do not pay attention to the change of perspective: Genesis stayed true to the series Darksiders and still neatly balances between several genres at once, combining elements of a slasher and role-playing game with intersperses of an isometric shooter. This time, two horsemen of the Apocalypse appear in the arena at once. War and Discord will frustrate the cunning plans of Lucifer, who planned to give the supreme demons of Hell great power that will help them upset the balance so tremblingly preserved by the Council and destroy the universe. Unlike other riders, Discord prefers to stay away from enemies, pouring heavy fire from their pistols, but if one of the opponents still succeeds in getting to it, then it can come down to hand-to-hand combat. The game can be played both together in cooperative mode, and alone, switching between the two riders.

Release Date: December 10
Platform: PC
Developer: Piranha Games

This fighter-fighter will take the player to 3015 and put him in the cockpit of a huge walking war machine, making him the leader of a battered gang of mercenaries who are ready to fulfill any order for a decent fee. The main character will take on various contracts and devastate entire cities with the help of salvos of destructive weapons of one of the many types of combat robots. However, not all problems can be solved by brute force, and a simple warrior will have to plunge into the whirlpool of conspiracies and intrigues more than once. As a leader, you have to monitor your gang of thugs, purchase equipment and spare parts for their robots, and also hire fresh recruits. The personnel of a military organization are always a disaster, and many employees tend to leave the workplace upside down.

Release Date: December 11
Platform: PC
Developer: Draw Distance

Text adventure from the Polish studio Draw distance, in which players have to practice reading speed, conducting intimate conversations with bloodsuckers from various vampire clans. Skillful possession of iamba will help in resolving various disagreements between the warring factions, as well as performing many additional tasks. Coteries of new york It has many endings, depending on the eloquence of the character, as well as the player and his ability not only to read, but also to penetrate into the read. The hero also has to constantly balance between the thirst for blood and his humanity, so as not to burn the masquerade, revealing to the world of people their true nature.

Release Date: December 12
Platform: PC
Developer: Quantic Dream

A simple tech demo has grown into an interactive movie for Playstation 4that finally gets to personal computers. Scenic genius David Cage gave an exciting story about the racism of the future, exposing people as the last cattle that prevent intelligent and kind androids from just living together. Dashing scenario turns from Become human You should not wait – everything is strictly divided exclusively into black and white. Get into the motivation of the villains will not work, but if you liked Heavy rain and Two soulsthen Become human will become your new favorite game Quantic dream.

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