Stephen King said that for Oscar the quality of the film is more important than the race of the creator

The famous writer Stephen King in a couple of tweets outlined his view on what should be considered when nominating nominees for “Oscar“. And these comments caused a real storm in the discussions.

As a writer, I can nominate only three categories: “Best Film”, “Best Adapted Screenplay” and “Best Original Screenplay”. And for me, the problem of diversity – in any case, the way it is applied to individual actors and directors – did not arise

I would never consider diversity (sexual and racial) in matters of art. Only quality. I think it would be wrong to do otherwise

Many agreed with this position, but not all. Commentators have repeatedly reminded King that he himself is a white man, and therefore does not have the right to say so – after all, he was granted more privileges from birth than color and women.

White men make up 35% of the population. It’s illogical that they create 100% quality art

Usually I tend to agree with you, but in this case you are mistaken. Diversity must always be considered, in all cases, especially in matters of art. No quality, if no variety

This is such a white judgment.

The writer tried to justify himself – or more accurately convey his idea.

The most important thing that we can do as artists and creative people is to make sure that we approach everyone the same, regardless of gender, skin color or orientation. Now such people are poorly represented, and not only in art.

However, it did not get better. Now those who previously supported were up in arms.

I agree, it is necessary that more white rappers are represented in hip-hop. Do you even think what you say?

I am a woman and I am an artist. I have to compete, but at the same time I want to be sure that my work is judged by its quality. Doing otherwise is sexism, and I hate it

Do you offer quotas for art? That is, the next film adaptation of Stephen King is canceled, because he is a white man?

Another wave of indignation is caused by the fact that supporters of racial, sexual and sexual diversity did not see it in the Oscar nominations. After the Oscars so white campaign in 2016, a number of women and people of color were significantly added to the Academy and to the number of nominees.

However, now the situation has returned to normal. So, in the four acting nominations of the Oscars 2023, only white actors appear, with the exception of the only Cynthia Erivo. Korean Pon Joon Ho claims to be the best director, but he is a man, like the other nominees.