We return children

For many born in the ’80s, Disney Club has long been the appointment of the weekend not to be missed at any cost. The transmission derived from a television format proposed by Mickey Mouse’s house around the world, called in the original language The Disney Afternoon. 


The enormous success achieved in Italy among young people of the time was naturally due to the quality of Disney productions, guided by the unforgettable adventures of Uncle Scrooge and the other ducks in DuckTales. But the cartoons transmitted over the years have been many, and from them


Capcom was able to draw heavily to make some video game transpositions for NES, some of which are at the top of the overall production for the Nintendo console. As you may have guessed,


at the Disney Club is dedicated the collection The Disney Afternoon Collection, with which the Japanese publisher has reported in these days on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One six games , in a single block that also includes some minor news compared to the original titles.

If you were a child in the 90s, you will not be indifferent to The Disney Afternoon Collection!


In the rapid review of the games included in The Disney Afternoon Collection, we can only start from DuckTales, an adaptation made in 1990 to enter the circle of the best titles seen on NES.


As five sixths of the games in the collection it is a platformer, where you have to go hunting for treasure in the role of the richest duck in the world equipped with a spring stick with which to perform jumps and defeat enemies.

Let's get back children
Let's get back children

Thanks to the excellent design of the levels, DuckTales is still able to tell its own even beyond what can make it attractive eyes of nostalgia, including the extraordinary 8-bit soundtrack.In his successor DuckTales 2, released in 1993, we find game dynamics similar to those of the first episode, with respect to which the non-linearity of the levels and the exploration increase thanks to the possible alternative uses of the stick. Remaining in “paperesco”,


The Disney Afternoon Collection proposes then Darkwing Duck of 1992. It is always a platform, oriented to the action of his superhero protagonist who can use his Gas Gun to shoot at the enemies. With the coat you can also divert the shots of the opponents, advancing between holds and jumps that make it quite challenging overall.


From the ducks we go to the squirrels, with the inevitable Cip & Ciop of Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers of 1990. A title still enjoyable today both in single and in double, thanks to the possibility to check with a friend both the protagonists in a single game.


As in the other cases, the rest is the design quality of the levels and the dynamics of the game, based on the possibility of the two squirrels to throw objects around. His sequel, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 of 1993, looks rather similar, although with a smaller number of differences than that between the two


DuckTales. To close the list of games in The Disney Afternoon Collection we find finally TaleSpin, dedicated in 1991 to the homonymous animated series that saw protagonists some of the animals known in the old feature film dedicated to Il Libro Della Giungla.


The game differs in a clear way from everyone else because it is a shoot ’em up, in which we find ourselves on board the plane of the Baloo bear to shoot at the enemies.An overall design not really inspired, accompanied by a somewhat woody control system, makes TaleSpin probably the title that has aged less well among the six that are proposed to us.