What PES fans should know about – Konami talks about launching eFootball in 2022

Company Konami warned fans Pro Evolution Soccer, what a new game of the series – eFootball will be available at the start in the fall of 2022, in fact, in the format of a demo version with a small number of modes and clubs… However, already in the first months, it will begin to actively expand with content.

  • eFootball will be available on all current home platforms and mobile devices running iOS and Android. The developers claim that they did not worsen the graphics of the “older versions” for parity between consoles and smartphones.
  • Starting in mid-autumn, console, PC and mobile users will be able to fight together on the same shared servers. However, if you, being a console user, do not want to mess with PC gamers or mobile gamers, you will have such an opportunity. Konami has prepared an advanced settings system.
  • The game was created primarily for consoles and PCs, and then adapted for iOS and Android.

As a reminder, eFootball is a shareware restart of Pro Evolution Soccer… The creators claim that thanks to the transition from FOX Engine on the Unreal Engine 4 were able to implement Motion Matching, which “converts a wide range of player movements on the pitch into a series of animations, choosing the most accurate one in real time.” Similar technology bragged about EA at the time of the announcement FIFA 22

The first eFootball details appeared on July 21

  • 9 clubs and friendly matches between two generations of consoles will be available at the start;
  • By mid-fall, the game will feature online leagues, team building mode (formerly myClub), and crossplay between PC and consoles. Then they promise to introduce Match Pass – the local analogue of the “battle pass”;
  • in winter, tournaments and crossplay between all platforms will be added: mobile users will need a gamepad.

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