What is #YADINHO? How a kiss from two streamers rallied the gaming community to help children with autism

The social networks of gamers around the world are replete with the hashtag #YADINHO, which appeared unexpectedly on May 14 and very quickly went viral on the network. It turned out that behind this word is hidden a very romantic story of two popular Brazilian streamers, whose relationship developed in front of their viewers, in the best traditions of Latin serials. Cybersport.ru tells what happened.



Popular streamer yayahuz and autistic caster deercheerup (also known as lindinho) have long been playing CS: GO, Valorant and other shooters together. Together, they have about a million followers on Twitch and social networks. Subscribers closely follow the communication of friends and in every possible way try to bring them closer together, as a couple. The problem is that because of lindinho’s illness, it is basically difficult for him to communicate with people, not to mention building romantic relationships. However, unexpectedly, yayahuz herself took the initiative – the girl decided to come from Paraguay to her friend in Brazil, and the couple even launched a joint stream to chat with fans.

The fans of the streamers were very excited about the development of their relationship and jokingly asked lindinho to kiss her friend. The guy was very embarrassed and began to laugh it off, and then the girl kissed him herself. The action made a splash on the air, with fans admiring yayahuz’s determination and calling it the most romantic and touching moment they’ve ever seen.

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