What is Fortnite? Tim Sweeney asks to ask him this question in 12 months

Fortnite is still a game, and not an analogue of a social network for children. This was stated by the head Epic games Tim Sweeney. The discussion was provoked by the manager of social networks in Nyse Matthew Cobachwho invited readers to ask questions to people who are of interest to them.

Co-founder supported the initiative Roundhill investments Will hershey asking Sweeney what exactly Fortnite is for him.

“Fortnite is a game. But ask me again after 12 months, if not difficult,” the head of Epic Games replied.

He added that he adheres to the old definition: something is a platform if most of the content people spend time with is created by others.

Note that the last three major projects of Epic Games have not reached the full release. Shooter restart Unreal tournament was frozen while MOBA Paragon – canceled. As for Fortnite, the game is still at an early access stage.

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