What did Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan do in his Christmas broadcast?

On official channels Overwatch in Twitch and YouTube Traditional gatherings were held by the Christmas fireplace. And again, game director Jeff Kaplan took part in them.

The broadcast recording is already available in its entirety, and it lasts eight hours. Of course, loop fragments of a Kaplan sitting in a chair are mainly used. But sometimes he “comes to life” and performs some celebratory actions. For example, drinks milk with cookies.

This time, the developers did without announcements. However, some of them appeared in video inserts. At 3:54:52, you can see holiday greetings from actresses Carolina Ravassa and Anjali Bimani (they voiced Sombra and Symmetra), Overwatch commentators Brennon “Bren” Hook and Zalome Zoe “Soembie” Gschwind Pensky, as well as streamer Tom “Stylos” Stuart.

Half an hour after the start of the broadcast, Kaplan himself opened a gift and began to decorate the Christmas tree. At the beginning of the third hour, he unpacked another gift – there was a Nintendo Switch. After that, he played for a while on the hybrid console in Overwatch.

At around 5:22:50 in the next gift was a set Lego Overwatch Junkrat & Roadhog. Kaplan immediately began to collect it, and it took about two hours.

The Overwatch Yule Log video gained 245 thousand views on YouTube, and over 16 thousand viewers decided to follow what was happening on Twitch.