Super Time Force

On the passage of the level in the Super Time Force is given minute. This is too little, so if you suddenly died, spent limit or you just need help, you can rewind time back to won back any second and paste on her new fighter. He will fight with clone invulnerable hero, whom you have played before.

With each attempt the number of characters on the screen will grow and the level – iterate faster. Moreover, fallen heroes can be saved, and the resulting paradox – to allow, and then stuck a fighter you add firepower and one unit of health.

Sources of inspiration Super Time Force – all that in the second half of the 1980s took a television in every American family from long hours of sessions in Contra to serials cartoons like “Thunder Cats” and “Jo-soldier” that essential US channels twisted every Saturday morning . For the latter, there is a well-established definition of “Saturday morning cartoon”.

Rewind allow to use up to 40 times per level: 30 attempts to get you from the beginning, and the rest gets during the stage. It is too much: none of levels I’m not completely used up the stock, even if carefully collected all the items and do not hurry. Because of this, the game seems to be focused on the Challenge, it becomes too easy.

In addition, the synchronized action of clones is almost required brute strength and pressure always work, but with the high complexity mode opens only after you reach the end of the game.

It does not save even the fact that the characters, as opposed to the enemies die from any shot or fragments, their offending passages are: when any death can be prevented, the life of one soldier means not so much.

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Several fundamental flaws Super Time Force coexist with amazing touches. On the first level of each world spaceship with heroes of lands and tearing someone to pieces: the dinosaurs, the knights, the homeless people of the future.

The levels are scattered objects that increase the number of available attempts are added to the timer ten seconds and slow down time – the latter can be seen only by including rewinding.

It is useful and in order to not get lost in the forks: first, you can turn left to collect everything on the way and reach the dead end and then rewind back to the fork and turn right already.

Levels are built pretty straightforward, but varied: this contributes to the constant change of scenery and what developers invent for each of the world some unexpected turn. For example, give jet packs, which need to reach to heaven, or forced to jump over the air traffic from one another on a flying vehicle.

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By the end of the game Squad Super Time Force will expand to a dozen characters, some of which you will save the right during the passage of levels. You will enjoy mostly two or three fighters: the rest had either cut or modified. 

The most convincing look woman sniper, normal shots which ricochet against the walls, and reinforced – punch them. Most also memorable – a dinosaur on a skateboard, alien with a revolver and a shorty with boomerangs.

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The Super Time Force pixel art becomes a means of stylization, but a necessity. The most intense scenes of battles with the bosses, detailed, detail, would be unlikely to withstand even the Xbox One.

Sometimes the screen is happening too much, because of what is happening reminds shooter Treasure studio – that Gunstar Heroes, the Bangai-O Spirits. But the sound has already had to adjust to the schedule – but the composer coped well with the challenge, beating the usual eight-game landscapes.

The musical metaphor is appropriate here as ever: Super Time Force reminds sequencer device at different sites which you insert characters. You win back the party everyone as long as does not work out the whole picture.