Weight Shape, Byte Ring Challenge, We Evaluate the Games of October 2017

The Turing Test , Xbox One. Weight: 8.92GB Rating: 3 hard drives per 5 .
The Turing Testcan be downloaded from 16 October to 15 November.

This is a first-person puzzle game that explores the nature of consciousness and puts the player’s intuition to the test. As Ava Turing, an engineer at the International Space Agency, the task will be to explore the most hidden secrets of Europe satellite, discovering a series of ethical dilemmas that will include a rich story of introspection. Complete the packet with a series of logic tests “spaccacervello”, ideal for those looking for a title that can test their genius.

Rayman 3 HD , Xbox 360. Weight: 2.53GB. Rating: 3 hard drives per 5 .
The aubergine man returns to the Xbox 360 (and One in retrocompatibility) from 1 to 15 October. Rayman 3 HD is the re-release of the historianRayman 3 Hoodlum’s Havoc, one of the first 3D chapters of Ubisoft’s mascot. Rayman and Globox will embark on a crazy journey to save the Crossroads of Dreams, all with the action and humor typical of the series. This version obviously has graphics and audio remastered in high definition. Maybe she has not aged very well (like most of the 3D platform at that time), but for Rayman fans and genres there is definitely to have.

Medal of Honor Airborne , Xbox 360. Weight: 6.66GB Rating: 2 hard drives per 5 .
From October 16th to October 31st, on Xbox 360 and backward compatibility on Xbox One, you can download Medal of Honor Airborne.

This chapter of the story shooter series is set, of course, in the Second World War. The interesting aspect of production is the focus on air combat, unlike other titles of the genre.

The single player campaign is obviously adrenaline and engaging, but despite the presence of multiplayer modes it is highly unlikely that there are players today. We say there are many similar shooters today. PlayStation Plus Now the turn of the Sony console and the often embarrassed games that appear monthly in the Instant Game Collection. As usual, the Japanese house offers two titles for each console, with the usual cross-buy purchases in the middle. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain , Weight: 27.0GB. Vote:

5 hard drives are 5 .
Nine years after the MGSV events : Ground Zeroes and the fall of the Mother Base, Snake, also known as Big Boss, is awakened by a long coma, lasting nearly ten years. The game began in 1984, in the wake of the Cold War’s global crisis. Snake’s mission will be influenced above all by her will to avenge herself, hunting a mysterious unit, known as XOF.

A Nintendo piece for PlayStation Plus subscribers: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is probably the most discussed title of the series, parting a part of the Kojima saga fans revolutionizing much of the gameplay’s historical fundamentals, but represents a great legacy of legendary game designer.

Amnesia: The Collection , Weight: 6.7GB. Rating: 3 hard drives per 5.
Amazing collection for lovers of the Amnesia series, or for chest thrill fans who have never tried a franchise title.

Amnesia: The Collection contains the chapters The Dark Descent , Machine for Pigs and Justine , three first-person adventures that promise to make you jump over the chair a bunch of times, between disturbing situations and mysteries. RIGS Mechanized Combat League , PlayStation VR. Weight: 20.0GB. Rating: 4 hard drives per 5 .

The PlayStation Plus service offers a free title to PlayStation VR, and is none other than RIGS , one of the titles that accompanied the launch of Sony’s virtual reality viewer. With the boot, we will enter into giant sports robots known as “RIG” in a tournament that combines competitive first-person shooter with tactics based on teamwork with devastating and spectacular moves. Chaotic and frenetic, ideal for those who suffer from motion sickness, one of the most fun experiences for PlayStation VR, no doubt.

Tell me who you are! ¸ PlayStation 4. Weight: ND. Rating: 4 hard drives per 5 .
Tell me who you are!is a very special party game that also returns this time as a free bonus game. This is a quiz with questions about your friends and family (read the other players) to play with a smartphone and tablet application, up to five players. On the site you will find the review by the undersigned.

Monster Jam Battlegrounds , PlayStation 3. Weight: 642MB. Rating: 2 hard drives per 5 .
Monster Jam Battlegroundsit’s all a rush of frantic action engines taken from the famous traveling show. The title will allow you to take part in the amazing Monster Jam events in its arcade stage, as in many other settings. Complete the package: 23 official trucks, 5 licensed stages, 45 new tracks, Stunt mode, where they show their skills as a carnival entertainer, online rankings. A passion for real Monster Jam enthusiasts.

Hustle Kings , PlayStation 3. Weight: 708MB. Rating: 2 hard drives per 5 .
Hustle Kingsis the strange and fantastic billiard room where brave and fascinating gamers meet to battle on the cloth. In the chic atmosphere of an elegant bar you will be able to play the dear and old billiards, with multiple modes of “ultrarealistic” play like ball 8 and killer. You can also play online if you find other aspiring billiards professionals. Hue , PS Vita. Weight: 258MB. Rating: 4 Colorful Hard Drives on 5 . Hue

is an acclaimed and lively platform with puzzles, in which you can change the world by changing its background color. In search of a missing mother, you will be able to explore a dangerous gray earth, discovering its colored fragments. By combining the color of the obstacles with that of the background will disappear, thus creating new and fulfilling puzzles. He has already captured me with his colors, and is also cross-bought with PlayStation 4.

Sky Force Anniversary, PS Vita. Weight: 338MB. Rating: 3 hard drives per 5 .
The legendary Sky Force celebrates the ten candles with this title. Sky Force Anniversaryadds a new thickness thanks to three-dimensional graphics, new intuitive controls, and the classic enhancement system of this kind. The gameplay is full of hands from sacred monsters such as the 19XX Series and Raiden of the Taito. Flawless for fans, ideal for fast and hectic sessions.