“We were at the bottom” – Hideo Kojima and Sony saved the band Low Roar using its songs in Death Stranding

On the E3 2016 the world first saw Death stranding, announced by a mysterious video with a naked Norman Reedus, who appeared on the beach with a baby in her arms, surrounded by dead whales. The trailer in the end turned out to be not only a fairly accurate reflection of the final game, but also crucial for the Icelandic group Low roarwhose track “I’ll keep coming“was used in this video.

Now the musicians are actively touring with concerts and collecting millions of views on YouTube, however, there was a time when the group could barely make ends meet and record most of their compositions using a laptop in a simple kitchenuntil at one moment the musicians received an offer from Sony, which radically changed their whole future life. About this in a conversation with the publication Vg247 said the vocalist Low Roar Ryan Karasia.

“Sony sent us a vague email, offering a certain amount of money for using the song“ I’ll Keep Coming. ”For what they needed our track, they didn’t want to talk. But at that time we were at the bottom, so we agreed, and only then learned that it was about Death Stranding, “said Karazia.

With the release of the Death Stranding trailer, the popularity of Low Roar immediately skyrocketed – the only official version of the song “I’ll Keep Coming” on YouTube has scored up to now 9.4 million views, not counting the numerous reloadings. Due to performances for a new wave of fans, the musicians have not had time to play Death Stranding yet, but they dined twice with Kojima. The developer seemed to them a “wonderful person.”

Death Stranding is a temporary PlayStation 4 exclusive. In summer, the game will be released on PC.

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