Wasteland 2

Wasteland has been -and will be- one of those reference classics, of those games that are taken as a yardstick when comparing any similar product.


Not in vain, has the honorable recognition of being the first title that moved the role to a post-apocalyptic world. Something that, subsequently, would be treated with great mastery by the Fallout series since 1997. It is also a recognized fact, and not the product of chance, that this second saga began as a spiritual successor to that title distributed in 1988 also by Interplay,


having lost the rights to continue exploiting the original license. Sometimes it is said that when God closes a door, he opens a window, and it could not be more true in this case. For many, the reference in what the post-apocalyptic genre refers to is the one marked by Fallout .

However, the project of inXile Entertainment was not born with the objective of contesting anything against its deserved successor. The bar, after the modernization of the brand through Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, is quite high …


Complicated to get, even with $ 3,000,000 in your pocket. But something that can not be denied, is that among the desires of all gamer there is a part destined for those that arise from longing. And that of Wasteland has been sounded, and dreamed: Canceled sequels, continuations that were not and attempts of recovery. Curiously, a tough road that also had to go



Fallout, in his years. The only difference was that the second one found a good name to sponsor him, while Wasteland has had to turn to hundreds of thousands of anonymous sponsors. And thanks to them, Wasteland 2 is a reality.

Wasteland 2 (PC) screenshot

The game we analyze follows the footsteps of its predecessor, as if it were an immediate continuation that should have seen the light in the early 90’s. It is, therefore, a role-playing game with tactical action in turns, set in a post-apocalyptic environmentthat arises as a result of a nuclear holocaust. In an alternative timeline, 1998 was a fateful year for humanity,


being relegated to dwelling in the wasteland of what has once been their home. Not everything is terrible, despite the circumstances.


A group of military engineers, who at the time of the disaster were in the desert areas of the southwestern United States, begin to replace part of civilization and build some infrastructure. Thanks to them, humanity manages to survive in such inhospitable place.

A century later, this group continues to help the descendants of the survivors to the nuclear apocalypse. They are known as Rangers , and they go to any call for help they receive at their base. Wasteland 2 starts 15 years after the events that occurred in the


first game – maybe 25 would have been better – and our first obligation will be to create a team of 4 rangers, which will be our main characters throughout the game.


For this we can choose some of the predefined characters that the game provides us or create a custom one, either from 0 or modifying any of the existing ones. A creation of characters in the style of RPGs, with its distribution of points among its half dozen attributes and many skills.