Warriors All-Stars

he most recent to appear is Warriors All-Stars , a game that comes to PS4 (the edition I’ve been able to test) both physically and digitally as well as PC, although in this case only through the Steam platform. A video game that offers what we all e


xpect from the productions of this Japanese study in playable stuff but that has the great virtue of allowing us to control tremendously well-known and venerated characters within this industry … as well as others more unknown in our territory but equally attractive .


The argument that this production brings us is not too original, but it is sufficiently striking to follow it with some interest between mission and mission. In a fantasy world that is inhabited by beings of feline aspect, a misfortune takes place that is related to a m


agical spring, a spring that after the death of the king of that kingdom dries up … and with it disappears the prosperity that extended throughout of the whole kingdom.


But the worst thing is that in order to try to alleviate the situation and, in passing, take control of this world, three sides, in principle peaceful and not at all evil, are confronted. On the one hand we find Princess Tamaki , on the other her b


rother Prince Shiki and finally Setsuna , their cousin and the king’s nephew who is also a full-fledged candidate for the throne. In the meantime and due to an invocation ritual carried out by Tamaki herself, warriors of other dimensions land in said universe … forming a mess of considerable proportions given that both go to different points of the map.



Famous battles … and exotic

For me the most interesting of all this is that without knowing too much about how they end up in that kingdom, something that throughout the game we discover as well as many other stories, some of these protagonists allied with Tamaki, others do it

with Setsuna and, finally, there are those who support Shiki. Three different campaigns(or are they even more?) Depending on the character we choose … and I will not explain anything else abo
ut this so as not to spoil the surprise for those players who prefer not to know which warriors go to each side. And what characters are we talking about? Well, many of the most famous in the universe of Tecmo Koei, as well as others more unknown but quite curious.


Warriors All-Stars analysis

Characters like Ryu Hayabusa or Kasumi are some of the protagonists of this new Omega Force musou.

At the beginning, it is possible to control a dozen characters , although later on they add a few more until they reach 30 . The beautiful Kasumi from Dead or Alive, the legendary Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, the cheerful Sophie from the


Atelier series or the lethal William Adamsof the recent Nioh franchise are some of the best known types that are part of the campus. But to this list of famous protagonists are joined others less recognizable in our borders as Rio (from the franchise of the same name), Arnice de Nights of Azure or Yukimura Sanada of Samurai Warriors. To enable each of them we only have to overcome the corresponding mission and will become part of our team.


Warriors All-Stars PC

Having familiar characters from the universe created by Koei is a hoot

The most striking of all and as it happens in every title made by Omega Force is that each warrior presents its own qualities and an exclusive set of movements . It has nothing to do with playing Rio (character that comes from the saga of the same name) to do wit

h Zhao Yun Dynasty Warriors, for example, which adds more possibilities and a layer of depth to take into consideration that it feels great to the development of the title. We can also enter a special state called Musou Rush , which makes us invulnerable and very powerful during a brief period of time that we can expand as we liquidate adversaries … and while our colleagues cheer us up as if they were cheerleaders! As curious as it is very striking.


Warriors All-Stars

Warriors All-Stars PC

We can fight accompanied by several support characters, a guarantee of success and strength.

Precisely and as we mentioned, in Warriors All-Starsit is also possible to control our comrades for short periods of time through the digital crosshead, and can even form a kind of human chains composed of five characters. For a variety of attack possibilities, that does not remain.


In addition to all this has also added a very interesting feature and has to do with the relationship that can establish the protagonists with each other through a simple affinity system but works perfectly. The greater the relationship built between certain characters, the more joint special actions can be done during the races, something that I found quite stri


king. In this way, the protagonists do not fight alone during the combats, because thanks to the Team Organizationfunctionit is possible to decide which players will end up in each battle scenario. One always acts as the main character that we control most of the time, although it is possible to ask for help from the rest of the comrades (through R1) so they can perform one of their special moves, whether they are attack or defense.


Once we are in the relevant scenario, we have to carry out the corresponding mission. And as I said before, depending on the her


o we choose in the main game mode, Story Mode , we will stop at one point or another of the map to fulfill the mission assigned to us by the side we are going to stop. The latter brings a special interest to this modality and endows it with a rather s


uggestive surprise factor, at least in my point of view, given that it is not the same to play and advance alongside Tamaki than to do it together with Setsuna and Shiki. And, also, it becomes a determining factor when granting a great replayability to the adventure.