Warner bros uses AI to predict film success – review

Film company Warner bros decided to introduce the latest technology into the film production system and promote their projects. For this, she concluded an agreement with Cinelytic the use of its artificial intelligence systems to assess the prospects of a particular picture.

The AI ​​will process complex data to predict fees, analyze information about the caste, and also calculate the most favorable production launch dates and premieres. The system will significantly simplify the prediction of the success of a project.

Note that Cinelytic has been developing and testing its platform for three years. She has already made deals with Ingenious media, Productivity media, STX and other movie companies. So Warner Bros. only supported the already formed trend.

Most of all, Cinelytic will be useful during film festivals. After all, it was then that companies were fighting for the opportunity to buy rights to a particular film. And he, in turn, can be both extremely successful and certainly a failure. It is these risks that AI should minimize.

The company said that the system is able to calculate in seconds what used to require several days of analysis – this should greatly facilitate the work of filmmakers.