Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach

As with most strategies to these universes, of Warhammer 40,000: Reach the Sanctus is dedicated to a tactical battle between the troops. In this case, we clashed Greenskin hordes who have already conquered almost the entire system Sanctus Rich, Space Marines and the Order of the Space Wolves, defending the last bastion of resistance – the planet Alerik Prime.

For two story campaign (and it almost fifty missions) we’re playing for the Space Wolves, but in the “skirmish” multiplayer and allow to act and on the side of the orcs. In any case, the circuit is the same: before the start of each battle is issued a certain number of points, which are from the list, you can dial your army, and directly on all cards is largely confined to the capture and retention of control points.

The situation in the campaign, when we need to do anything other than sequential capture sector (for example, to accompany the transport to the evacuation point), very rare. But it is perfectly normal for such tactical strategies – remember the series Dawn of War or ancient lyrics of Warhammer 40,000 of Epic: of Final Liberation .

Go to fight some troops

Most Sanctus Reach looks like it is on of Final Liberation . The only difference is that the extent there still are not as epic and on the battlefield converge not armies and individual units.

Yet cards and there is quite a decent size, a lot of groups, and each level is something different – the terrain, the presence of some fortifications, narrow passages, detours, and so on.

Briefings before missions is particularly striking and useful.

Therefore, even monotonous, seemingly, capture control points invariably turns into an interesting tactical and positional struggle, in which you feel like a real commander – plan workaround, intelligently moving units, cover them with each other, watch out for the flanks (enemies often try to get around you) using cover and terrain, such as hills.

Or smash his army into several groups, distracting enemies in one area map, while others break through to the evacuation point at the other.

Familiar all persons

In these large-scale battles involving almost all familiar from the original “nastolki” fighters – Firebug, terminators, arrows with bolters and so on.

There are also heavy machinery (including dreadnoughts wolves and walking furs Orcs), and characters with their own unique abilities that can be like a magic, to use on the battlefield – in the presence of, say, the Space Marines Ragnar Blekmeyn Logan Grimnar and other comrades.

Authors fairly accurately reproduced, and appearance, and characteristics of units: each unit is different number of available moves and action points, level of health protection, damage, accuracy, as well as the available weapons.

Some can shoot from different guns, or to combine melee and ranged.

And you pick and choose who and how to beat, given the distance, hit rate and the amount of possible damage. All this influences including the availability of shelters. Particularly important time to intercept the enemy’s moves, ambushing – is responsible for this single function Set Reaction Arc.

As expected, killing the enemy troops, our gain experience and levels, to then move from mission to mission with new abilities and equipment – for example, they are able to throw shock grenades.

Each unit is an indicator of morality, and these orcs fire it clearly raises.



In general, fans of the original “nastolki” and fans of turn-based tactics of Warhammer 40.000: Reach the Sanctus , certainly will like.

The more that comes with the game editor to create your own scenarios, and even campaign.

Disadvantages Of course, there are: a little content (only two fractions), no global regime, the plot is supplied with short description of the mission, there is no permanent death “units” (even dead squad will be available for recruitment in the next task). But this is so, carping and wishes.

Everyone else Sanctus ReachIt is likely to seem monotonous, ugly, too complex and slow strategy, which accounts for a very long time to wait until all of the enemy units do not carry out their activities.

And in multiplayer at all used antediluvian mail system when you are waiting for messages to e-mail, notifies that your opponent has deigned to make his move. But I warn you right away that this is a niche game. And if you’re in this niche comfortable, even on Sanctus Reach wasting time will not be sorry.