War Thunder military action gets ray tracing support – review

Gaijin entertainment released fresh update for War thunder under the number 1.95 “North wind“. A major innovation has been ray tracing support, which improves global illumination.

Also, the graphics engine now supports HDR and other modern technologies, and shots and explosions received an updated physical model.

The patch also brings new content. A number of fresh military equipment includes the first Swedish tanks and aircraft, as well as ships. In addition, two sea locations appeared: Cape New Zealand and South Quarken.

Added new aiming mechanics for guided guns of medium caliber. For land and sea units, the function of blocking the automatic rotation of guns during the “inspection” with the mouse has appeared.

In addition, improved sound effects, as well as reduced load on the processor and RAM. Finally, bugs were fixed with some types of ammunition and a lack of armor plates on combat vehicles. Complete list of changes available on the official site.