Microsoft is monitoring the development of the VR market, but does not plan to compete with PlayStation in this field.

Corporation Microsoft closely monitors the development of the market for virtual reality headsets, but does not plan to release its own helmets for consoles yet Xbox and compete in the VR field with Playstation… The situation is similar with the AR segment.

At the same time, Microsoft notes that the direction of VR can become promising for the Xbox team in the future.… On the potential of virtual and augmented reality technologies Phil Spencer spoke out on the podcast Kinda funny gamescast… In particular, the top manager spoke flatteringly about the headset. Oculus Quest 2 and admitted he sees potential in it for Xbox gaming.

“Speaking specifically about VR technology, the best solution that I have seen so far remains [Oculus] Quest 2. I immediately noticed the autonomy and availability of this device, which can be used without connecting it to a console or PC at all. From this position, you involuntarily begin to think about the xCloud service, the Xbox Live community and other tools through which we could bring our content to the screens of this helmet, “said Phil Spencer.

In 2019, Phil Spencer explained that the Xbox is not focusing on VR as the demand for such entertainment is still low.

“I have a few questions about VR – this technology is isolating, and I think of games as a collaborative and kind of unifying experience. We are responding to our consumers … and no one is asking for VR. The vast majority of our customers know that if they need virtual reality, there are other places where they can get this experience. On the PC or elsewhere, there is plenty of that. “

At the same time, Spencer said that virtual reality is not the focus of the Xbox, including for commercial reasons, since VR helmets have not yet reached the required sales volume. He did not rule out that sooner or later VR support will still get to the Xbox, but now the platform-defender is focused on other things.

In turn, a direct competitor to Microsoft represented by Sony continues to invest in its own VR hardware – launch of the helmet PlayStation VR 2 for console Playstation 5 should take place in 2023.

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