“War never changes”: Sega talks about the successes of the tactical role-playing game Valkyria Chronicles 4

Tactical role-playing game Valkyria chronicles 4 from Sega may not have become the largest release of 2018, but, nevertheless, deservedly acquired a large number of fans. Today thanks new post on the Sega Asia blog, which covers various discount offers to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the company, it became known that global sales of the project on all platforms exceeded 1 million copies.

AT Valkyria chronicles 4 graphics were improved, improved combat system returned BLiTZ, class added Grenadier (mortars), as well as ability Last stand, allowing you to perform any action before death. In the story, Commander Claude Wallace and his loyal childhood friends from Detachment E are sent to a desperate battle with the Empire in the Second European War.

Valkyria chronicles 4 Available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Read our review here..

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