Voice actor John Marston expressed desire to return to role in Red Dead Redemption 3

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Voice actor Rob Whitoff expressed interest in reproducing the role John Marston in the new part Red dead redemption… He spoke about this in an interview with Dan Allen Gaming.

To immediately discard all speculation and speculation, Vitoff stressed that he does not have information about whether Red dead redemption 3 in development, however, he will be happy to returnif there is a counter-offer from Rockstar. The actor also noted that since the studio’s games take a long time to create, he may have to bring his entire family with him in order not to be separated from them for a long time.

At the same time, Vitoff is ready to take on any role that Rockstar will offer him, whether it will be John Marston in a hypothetical RDR 3 or some other character from another story (Gta vi?).

“If Rockstar called me and said, ‘We have a different role for you, not John Marston,’ I would do it, no matter if it was a big or small role, or a completely different story. what I do and I would love to get to work. “

Though Rockstar games did not confirm Red Dead Redemption 3, the huge success of the second part, both critically and financially, is almost a guarantee that sooner or later the studio will release another game in the franchise. Another question is whether there will be a place for John Marston, given that the two previous parts have largely completed the story of the hero.

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