Virtual marbles

Despite the pinball tables still retain all their charm today, in the world of videogames continue to not miss the alternatives dedicated to lovers of this type of entertainment.


One of these is  pinball fx, the effort of Zen Studios, which we have been able to talk about several times over the months. After the release of the game, the development team has in fact regularly published updates to the list of available pinball machines, also undertaking valuable collaborations for the use of licenses such as those related to Marvel superheroes , Star Wars and more.


With the advent of virtual reality, it was inevitable that the guys at Zen Studios saw it as a natural evolution of their videogame pinball machine, and then set to work to create Pinball FX2 VR. The game has now arrived for the most common viewers on the market, including of course PlayStation VR: we have worn the latter, to write this review of Pinball FX2 VR.

Zen Studios pinball machines landed in virtual reality with Pinball FX2 VR: the result is more than good

Pinball FX2 VR


The question that inevitably arises before playing Pinball FX2 VR concerns purchases made previously. From this point of view we have to give you bad news, since the tables already bought on the normal version of Pinball FX2 (and Zen Pinball 2 on the PlayStation platform) do not even apply within Pinball FX2 VR. It is therefore necessary to buy everything again to play, starting from the basic pinball package that is sold together with the game at 14.99 euros.

Virtual marbles

The initial equipment includes the three Mars flippers, Secrets of the Deep and Epic Quest: all of them appreciable, with our preference for the one set on the red planet. As an aid to those who want more pinball with which to have fun in virtual reality is already available the Season One expansion, sold for 24.99 euros to get the tables CastleStorm, Wild West Rampage, Paranormal,


BioLab and Earth Defense. Five pinball machines, all very nice to play in virtual reality and therefore from the recommended purchase. However, it must be said that total spending can therefore reach € 40, exceeding them in case you want to buy the pinball machine dedicated to The Walking Dead. After having already accompanied us on the normal table for pinball pc.


Clementine and Lee of the Telltale Games adventure also peek into virtual reality, along with their zombies. It is at least for now the first and only table for  pinball fx2 pc created under license: seen and considered the already mentioned thickness of the other flippers available for the normal game, we hope that they can get new under license, perhaps following the same model to separate packages.


Returning to the price, we must consider that buy again tables that already own elsewhere is not something that could go down to everyone, because at least for The Walking Dead the price has practically doubled: from 2.99 euros to 5.99 euros . After having a little ‘clarity on the offer of pinball fx2, let’s see how it is on balance the experience of pinball in virtual reality.

Airplanes and flying dragons, explosions, spitting plants and other elements are constantly working around us, so it becomes easy to get carried away by a simple look to be enchanted and lose some important shots inside the pinball , or worse drop the ball.


Fortunately, apart from some rare and bearable exception the animations never invade the visual field of the pinball, leaving us free to continue playing without losing concentration. From the graphical point of view, pinball fx 2  tables present details both inside and out, or both in the realization of the elements that make up the pinball machine and the side of the outline we have already discussed.


On PlayStation VR (with PlayStation 4 Pro) the lower resolution compared to a 1080p screen, however, has prevented us from grasping the minor details of some pinball machines, making it difficult to read texts on their screens. 


A small note also with regard to tiredness: playing a pinball compels to stay with the head pointing down, with the consequent additional impact of the weight of the visor on the cervical muscles. For different reasons, it may happen that you feel tired, both with your eyesight and with your neck: in this case we suggest you to take a break.