Divinity: Original Sin

How else? The magnum opus of the Belgians felt the concentration of the whole experience, all the aspirations and efforts of a good, but not too lucky team.

New Divinity made as if to Larian decided in whatever was to create an incredible game. Original Sin surpasses all previous RPG Sven Wienke: she’s smart, beautiful, mellifluous, great quotes, but it is absolutely self-sufficient. And in every sense stable.

Since the official release of the game is no longer just downloaded some updates, but over 60 hours of passage I encountered only three minor errors. It seems to me that the choice in front of the studio was simple: now or may have never been.

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Divinity started lazily, as if unwillingly: a couple protagonists arrive in a city besieged evil spirits to investigate the mysterious murder. Sluggish scenic trickle slowly gaining ground: too slovoohtlivy local NPC. After a couple of hours exploring the attractions within the boundaries of the settlement with the job log swells to obscene proportions.

The first map of its sweep requires about twenty hours, and this is, in fact, the only complication. Later, however, the village ground, the locations will be more, and most of the questions can be solved only by fire and sword, but this – later.

A green warriors have to get used to the fact that in Rivellona almost never enclose too dangerous for the player places. You quickly accustom maintained as much as possible: a properly selected route markers suggest not, but very strong enemies and deadly traps.

As a result, the experience at first drawn with a teaspoon, and at higher levels give a very small number of distributed points. Pretty soon comes the realization that you’re stuck here for a very long time. The last time me personally this was in Baldur’s Gate.

Another thing is that, as opposed to Bioware, Larian offers an incredibly rich in detail the world. For example, Divinity boasts unparalleled in today’s RPG party interactivity. Almost any object can be put into inventory and on the ability to throw the thing in the ground built the lion’s share of puzzles.

Closed locks are not necessarily to crack – you can simply burn. List all that is allowed (and sometimes necessary) to do in Divinity ridiculous: creative freedom in the combination of everything – the main feature of Original Sin.

Podnabrat money and experience, the player will almost certainly become a child learns the world. Follow and curiosities: sbiva the store finder, which is, so to speak, poisons its owner, a couple of hours you will be surprised that the hapless merchant could hardly breathe. All to be honest!

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Review of the Divinity: Original Sin.  Game Review - Image 4

By becoming the world, and a flexible role-playing system. The Audience Award goes non-combat abilities, allows us to talk to animals. World man who understands the beast, flipped: rats reveal the secrets of their dungeons, issue cats interactive quests and Bunny on the edge did not send heroes squad three letters.

The Divinity in general often happen interesting conversations: voice of the caller clearly depends on its formation and origin, so that the texts here are very different.

Often useful not to enter into negotiations, and eavesdrop on other people’s chatter. So uncomplicated way to obtain valuable information about how, for example, orcs are members of sexual minorities in their ranks.

How do you then dispose the information received – your business, but in the Original Sin there is nothing superfluous. All scenarios branches are intertwined, and the feeling that you’re doing some kind of extraneous nonsense, no.

Assignments often roll in the supply-fetch, although they do not get bored: orders are not particularly important, if the form does not let us down. Developers understand this, and therefore does not disdain irony: if you see the goblins, encamping by the explosive barrels, and discuss the possible consequences of such gatherings, make sure you listen to their dialogue.

Then Throw in a side of the dunce fireball. Tactical turn-based battles – that’s the main event of the evening.

Diplomat in Divinity try to avoid bloodshed (many critical issues in Rivellona solved by “rock, paper, scissors”). The thief tries to pretend to be a bush and pull off a key subject. But the formula of three “U” – to kill, to steal, to persuade – in Original Sin is hardly ever used, and most of it is a battle up game.

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The first thing you break a barrel with water, and the second – to beat the lightning
formed a puddle, paralyzing all who stand in it. Unless, of course,
someone has no immunity and things like that, but that’s boring
details hidden from the eyes of the game mechanics. Such situations – a great

Lengthy and monotonous in many other turn-based games,
fight in Original Sin hearty hold until the very end.

The mind always
has to keep the consequences of certain actions: the spilled poison
well explodes, and the death of the ice elemental earth turns into
a skating rink. As for the enemy, as well as for you.

The beauty of fights, as well as all
Original Sin, in the abundance of details and details. Fire Elemental treated,

If it hit the fireball. Not on the level of a sharp sword requires a larger
number of action points to the impact that it makes no sense from the beginning
of the game to steal in the starting town of paintings and gold table, and
the money to buy a decent axes and staves.

By the way, in battle (and at other times as well) one of the main characters can be controlled by another player. Co-op – one of the important features of the Original Sin, although I, frankly, do not quite understand the beauty shestidesyatichasovogo passage of turn-based game with lengthy dialogues in tandem with someone else.

off fact after the global release of the chat partly confirms these fears: a friend, maybe you can play, but at least Rivellon not yet ready for that stream of consciousness that would be poured not the most intelligent players in it.