New FBI agent Anna Tarver along with his more experienced co-worker going to a small town in the Kingdom, to investigate the case of the missing teenager.

However, they always something to eat at the same diner, drink beer in bars and liters absorb coffee cups sitting in the car – looking at the everyday “digestive” parts designed to slow down, to show the character and dilute “a high “thriller paint everyday life, just remember” Fargo. ”

But the story itself – it is a complex, intricate canvas paintings in the spirit of LynchWhere a true story mixes with other flavored mysticism, nightmares, symbols and psychoanalysis. In the few days that the narrative is broken, there will be a lot.

Case of the missing boy quickly fades into the background, and on the first out relationships with co-worker, her past and present, informing theme of the FBI ranks, an allusion to the fact that we all wear masks. And then – strange dreams, nightmares, some kind of bird that dies, it revives. And bison, haunting Anna and in the dream and reality and materialize in the form of plush toys …

All this, as in “Lost Highway”, is shown fragmentary scenes where the heroine takes a step on the stairs, through the second already is in the office of the chief, and in the next shot is going in the car with my partner and drinking coffee.

Silent Movie

From Firewatch authors Virginia took artistic style – a sort of “polumultyashnaya” image, is equipped with a nevertheless quite realistic and very beautiful scenery.

In addition, the developers have promised that there will need to “make decisions that will forever change the fate of Anna and her co-worker.” Do not believe it – no decisions taken, we will not.

Virginia is a fact, an interactive movie without any hint of gameplay. All that is required of us – to walk on her short location (or even do not have to go) and activate one single active point to the story moved on. Well at least that many locations are full of details and interesting to study.

Virginia game review

Music constantly accompanies you, and it is beautiful!

And this movie – silent. Heroes and other characters all the time silent and communicate only in sign language. That is the dialogue with the selection of the replica immediately available as a class.

History of nowhere

, however, is not the problem of the game. Atmospheric interactive movie in the spirit of “Fargo,” “True Detective” and “Lost Highway”, unfolding under the great music of the Prague Symphony Orchestra, which was written by Lyndon Holland (Lyndon Holland), author of the soundtrack for the film “50 Dates”, – it may be much fun and without any clear gameplay.

The problem in the story. At first, it really fascinates and captivates – especially if you’ve just reviewed the above-mentioned films and caught the mood. But closer to the final, destroy the charm of the authors themselves.

As you know, David Lynch came up with the scenario of “Lost Highway”, starting from the very simple phrase by phrase bewitched him – lost highway. And then we began to build around him a bizarre ligature of mysticism, eroticism and paranoia. One gets the impression that the staff Variable State also beginning was the word – Virginia. Then they want to wind around something “in the spirit of Lynch“Showing us leaves little to the imagination pieces of a large mosaic, of which it is necessary to lay down that a more or less distinct. It is necessary, but it is very difficult.

It seems that the authors themselves were not able to fold it and eventually began to confuse yourself and the players simply in order to confuse and justify intrusive reference to Lynch . Closer to the finale they interfere in one pile everything, including some kind of sacrificial rites, mixing past and present, characters, themes, meanings and symbols podsmysly. At some point, you smile, you think that there is just not enough aliens. And then, you will laugh, arrives … But see for yourself.